Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Cops Will Be Cops

Visiting relatives in London was very interesting, as it always is. My cousin said something that rang true: cops will be cops. It is natural for an Iraqi who worked as a police officer before 2003 to continue working as a police officer after 2003.


Iraqi Mojo said...

"Recent attacks by militants on security personnel in Baghdad have focused attention on the role of the Sahwa, Sunni groups who were largely credited with helping beat back al-Qaida in Iraq during the most violent years of the war.

On Tuesday, insurgents ambushed a security checkpoint in the Mansour district, gunning down five Iraqi police officers and planting the black banner of the insurgency as they fled the scene.

A week earlier, in what's been called one of the most brazen and sophisticated attacks in the Iraqi capital in recent years, militants drew pistols with silencers and fired at checkpoint guards in broad daylight in the Adhamiya neighborhood.

The bodies of soldiers who were killed were placed on top of a car, and then as other soldiers approached the car, bombs went off and killed still more. In all, 16 people were killed and 14 were wounded. The insurgents briefly laid a black banner on the ground with the words "Islamic State of Iraq" written in gold. The ISI is an umbrella group for al-Qaida and other insurgents."

Dolly said...

With one key difference: those signing up for police after the 2003 occupation are traitors

And people are entitled to be traitors - in their private life,
but once you pick up a gun to fight for the U.S. then obviously expect to be killed

Has anyone seen the classic video "Annihilation of an Iraqi Police Colonel."