Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Let's take the moral high ground, my Muslim brothers

and sisters...for the sake of reconciliation and goodwill. Eid al-Fitr happens to coincide with the 9th anniversary of 9/11 this year, so let's celebrate relatively peaceful coexistence in America this Eid.

'Paradoxically, the public reaction has not been heated in Lebanon, a country with 18 recognized religious sects where Muslims and Christians have a long history of occasionally violent coexistence.

If the mosque were built, many Lebanese commentators said, it would increase the influence of the ideal of the secular state. Many Lebanese, however, seemed more interested that Miss U.S.A., Rima Fakih, a Lebanese-American, had suggested that Park51 seek another location, than in the debate itself.

“Let’s be honest, it is kind of weird to build it there,” said Samer Ghandour, 33. “But the U.S. is also incredibly polarized and does not tolerate Islam.”

Mahmoud Haddad, a history professor at the University of Balamand in Lebanon, said that “the Muslim community should take the high moral and political ground” and agree to move the center, even though it has every right to build near ground zero.

“They should show they are more concerned about the general good of all Americans,” said Mr. Haddad, who studied and taught in the United States for two decades. “American society refuses to accept Muslims, even of the Westernized type, and consider them as a potential risk at best.”

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the project leader, has been speaking about his Cordoba Initiative on a two-week tour of the Persian Gulf sponsored by the State Department, although he has gingerly avoided discussing the Park51 location.

“What’s happening in America is very healthy,” said Muhammad Al-Zekri, a Bahraini anthropologist, after spending an evening with the imam.

The United States, he said, was still assimilating historical influences, including Islam, into its inaccurate self-image as a solely Judeo-Christian nation. The construction of Park51, Mr. Zekri believes, will help shape that.

“We pray for the people of New York, for peace,” Mr. Zekri said solemnly. “And if it matters, we apologize for what those people have done on 9/11.”


Anonymous said...

The Mosque should not be built on that spot. The Mosque should be included in the new buildings that are being where the twin towers once stood. Yes, thats right. Right on the very spot. One room in those buildings should be converted into a Mosque prayer area. Thats how America can show it is tolerant. Why not? Islam had nothing to do with 9-11 so why not prove they believe that by putting a mosque in the new buildings.

You can go around kissing their asses but we Muslims will not. Another thing, I am offended by evangelical churches. Bush is a war criminal who killed a million Iraq. His evengelical churchs are insenstive, offensive, and insulting. Knock them down. NOW

Don Cox said...

"Islam had nothing to do with 9-11 so why not prove they believe that by putting a mosque in the new buildings."

Very few people believe that.

You might argue that the 9/11 bombers represented a small, extreme sect of Islam, resembling the extreme Puritan Christians of the 17C. But extremists are still members of the religion as a whole, whether it is Islam, or Christianity, or something worse.

Dolly said...

Of course AQ is a very negligible percentage of the overall 1/5 or 1/4 of planet Earth which is islamic.

But: the 'Ibaad us-Saleeb (Slaves of the Cross) in the U.S. are against all 1.5 billion muslims, and not only against Al-Qaa'idah. This fact is underscored by the "Ground Zero Megamosque" protests.
Even *clashes,* as some people have been hurt in NYC.

People ask how come there was less islamophobia in 2001. How come people accepted Bush's statement that islam is OK. The answer is simple. The electorate sensed that wars and massive killing of muslims were about to be initiated, so they were willing to give Bush's unacceptable rhetoric a pass for the time being.

Now that the energy for wars has run out, Americans will start fighting their own people.

Don Cox said...

"the 'Ibaad us-Saleeb (Slaves of the Cross) in the U.S. are against all 1.5 billion muslims"

The Christians are against the _beliefs_ of all Muslims. How could they not be?

Likewise, Muslims are against the beliefs of all Christians.

Both sides greatly fear the possibility of conversion from one delusion to the other, and both religions are pushy about converting people. (There are other religions which do not want converts.)

If there was less Islamophobia before 2001, it was probably because most Americans never even thought about Islam. It was not of any interest to them. 9/11 changed that, and since then, they have been learning more and more about Islam. And they don't like it.

Dolly said...

Mojo you should probably convert to Christianity and change your name to Martin or something.
Pretty soon the patriotic anger will be such, that your tires and then your face will be slashed

I'm a takfiri so I have a Western name and I can travel to the U.S. since I'm white.
It's ironic that you will be lynched first, even though you run a blog kissing skYanki ass.

Maury said...

Dolly, you're probably on the no-fly list. And hopefully the no-breed list as well.

C.H. said...

"His evengelical churchs are insenstive, offensive, and insulting. Knock them down. NOW"

OK, but first, join me in demanding that Dolly and her friends stop blowing up mosques and markets in Muslim lands.

C.H. said...


I really like this new site layout

Dolly said...

A leader of a government-backed Sunni militia in Iraq has expressed fears they will be targeted by Al-Qaeda now that the U.S. military is completing its withdrawal.
(Radio Free Europe)

Those stupid Iraqis haven't read Maury's post about how Al-Qaeda is done for in Iraq. So now they are fearful for no reason. See the drawbacks of being uninformed?

Another example: if only the Islamic State of Iraq had seen the footage of Bush's banner "Mission Accomplished," then they wouldn't have to blow up 13 cities at the same time.

Maury said...

Al Qaida will always have plenty of new recruits Dolly. Where else can a crackhead find employment?

Maury said...

Iraqi's are schizophrenic. I remember well the polls where a majority of Iraqi's wanted the troops out. Now that the time has come, a majority want them to stay. Go figure.

August 2010 Asharq Research Center Polling Results

Is it the right time for the U.S. to withdraw?
59.8% No
39.5% Yes

Do you agree or disagree with President Obama’s decision to end combat missions on August 31, 2010?
53.1% Disagree
46.2% Agree

How will the U.S. withdrawal affect Iraq?
51% Negatively
25.8% Positively

Does President Obama care about Iraq?
41.9% No, he doesn’t
39.8% Yes, he does
15.5% Don’t know

Aton said...

"Saudi couple "hammer 24 nails" into Sri Lankan maid"

Aton said...

"Islamic Army in Iraq: Occupational Hazard"

Maury said...

Takfiri on American Idol.

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