Thursday, August 12, 2010

Muslim converts to Christianity

On the way to work this morning I heard an interesting program on BBC about Muslim converts to Christianity. Listen here.


Toady said...

Wow, some prejudice against religious conversion borders on the extreme.

HOw do Iraqis feel about if their friends or relatives leave Islam for other religions? Is it worse to convert to Buddhism or Hinduism than it is to convert to a monothestic religion? HOw about if Muslims convert between Sunnism/Shiism?

As for Egypt, who cares what the identity card says? Just practice whatever religion appeals to you.

Of course, some people may be leaving Islam as a way of rebelling against the establishment. Kind of like devil worshippers in the US.

Anonymous said...

Toady, are you seriously equating Buddhism with devil worship? You seriously have some mental health issues if you equate one of the greatest world religions with a deviant cult.