Thursday, July 29, 2010

Al Qaida kills Iraqi Sunni Arabs too

"Gunmen launched a rare, coordinated attack on Iraqi soldiers Thursday in a predominantly Sunni neighborhood of Baghdad and briefly erected the black flag of Al-Qaida in Iraq near a smoldering army checkpoint.

According to an official with the Iraqi Interior Ministry, the death toll included six soldiers and police officers and 10 civilians.

The violence was the latest in a series of attacks in recent weeks claimed by, or attributed to, Al-Qaida in Iraq. Among them were the bombing of the Trade Bank of Iraq, an assault on the Central Bank, a suicide attack on a satellite news channel and the slaughter of more than 40 Awakening Council members.

In Fallujah, in eastern Anbar Province -- the main battlefield of the U.S. fight against the Sunni insurgency earlier in the Iraq war -- three separate explosions on Thursday killed five people, including three Iraqi soldiers."


Dolly said...

It will be easier for you to understand if you take a big picture view:

1. The U.S. attacks Iraq
2. bastards side with the U.S.
3. AQ kills the bastards

If you simply start from #3 without any reference, then you won't understand what's going on.

It is absolutely critical to hit the collaborators with military force.
The great man Julian Assange can supplement the good fight on the moral front; however the only reason the wars are a failure is because of the resistance and because of the sword.

Imagine if the Crusaders had wrapped up Afghanistan in a couple of days, and crammed all the war crimes from those 91,000 documents in a single week, and everything ended 8.5 years ago.
In that case, nobody would care to hear about the atrocities!

It was only after it became a *military* quagmire that they started to second-guess everything, and then this leak just became icing on the cake.

And now IraqiMojo is proudly allied with the Crusader filthbags killing children in Afghanistan.

More importantly, how did his American buddies react to the revelation? By calling for the head of the whistleblower, not of the war criminals.

Aton said...

Dolly, Bruno, Anonymous. Sick fucking cockroaches.

Maury said...

Dolly doesn't give a shit about the 10 innocent bystanders killed. If Al Qaida murdered them, they must have deserved it, right Dolly? God's serial killing jihadi's don't murder innocents. That would be unIslamic. These particular victims were Sunni Arab, and for all we know, they may have supported Al Qaida or other insurgent groups.

Still, they were murdered by Al Qaida, so it's neccesary to pin a sin on them after the fact. Hence, the "crime" of being Iraqi is trotted out by Dolly. In her view, ALL Iraqi's deserve to die. Unless the filthy amreekans kill one, of course.

David All said...

Dolly and Bruno are both sick smear artists.

Thanks Mojo for reminding everyone that the war in Iraq is not over, even though most attention has shifted to Afghanistan. Even though Al-Qaida is showing it can still kill Iraqis, the numbers are greatly reduced from several years ago.

OT: Here is an interesting post about the rise of Iraqi Kurdistan. It was originally written in Feb 2007 and has been reposted with a current update. Read it at
Hat tip to Nizo for linking to this. Read his comment at

Bruno's Burning Anus said...

Actually, David, the war in Iraq is over. What we have now is terrorist attacks committed by a dwindling number of fanatics against the Iraqi people. They have no hope of overthrowing the Iraqi government or achieving anything except revenge against a population who made the wrong choices in their eyes - i.e. supporting the overthrow of Saddam, voting in free elections, and supporting US-trained security forces loyal to the Iraqi government.

America Forever said...


His blatant undermining, doubting, and denying of THE MISSION must come to an end! His DEFEATISM is what is going to crumble the AMERICAN EMPIRE!!!

ATON is a disgusting PINKO COMMIE LIBERAL IN DRAG, pretending to be a righteous American supremacist but we all know his TRUE COLOURS.

He is a TERRORIST APOLOGIST that probably loves OBAMA as well.

HOMELAND SECURITY needs to ARREST this sucker!

Bruno said...

David All is a disgusting supporter of Iraqi mass murder. He's one of those warmongers that wants to attract terrorists to Iraq so that Iraqis can die instead of Americans.

How are those oil securities doing, David?

Does the sight of the blood of Iraqi children stirred into a cup of oil warm your heart?

Bruno said...

" ... This is what I would call a terrorist magnet, where America, being present here in Iraq, creates a target of opportunity, if you will ... "

Bruno said...

Have you seen the movie "Christmas Story," where the boy wants a Red Rider air gun and his mom says no? Then at the end of Christmas day, when he has opened all his presents, he gets the gun and he thinks, "My God, I really got it. I never thought I’d get it." Iraq was Osama’s Red Rider BB gun. It was something he always wanted, but something he never expected.

Iraq is the second holiest place in Islam. He’s now got the Americans in the two holiest places in Islam, the Arabian Peninsula and Iraq, and he has the Israelis in Jerusalem. All three sanctities are now occupied by infidels, a great reality for him. He also saw the Islamic clerical community, from liberal to the most Wahhabist, issue fatwas that were more vitriolic and more demanding than the fatwas that were issued against the Soviets when they came into Afghanistan. They basically validated all of the theological arguments bin Laden has been making since 1996, that it is incumbent on all Muslims to fight the Americans because they were invading Islamic territory. Until we did that in Iraq, he really had a difficult time making that argument stick, but now there is no question.

" ... This is what I would call a terrorist magnet, where America, being present here in Iraq, creates a target of opportunity, if you will ... "

Dolly said...

Bruno takes a noble anti-war stance, but he doesn't realize the depth of the depravity of the American enemy.
He thinks he can shame them by pointing out that they deliberately hurt Iraqis.
Trust me, they are secretly ecstatic every time you quote that

Iraqi Mojo said...

Many more Iraqis have been deliberately hurt by 3arab jarab and "mujahideen" than by Americans.

Bruno said...

Dolly, I'm aware that there are many Americans that not only think it is the right thing to do to sacrifice Iraqi lives for American ones, but also actively cheer when "rag heads" are killed. The leaders of the United States would not have made the "flypaper" argument if this was not so. The really sick thing is that many of the warmongers disguise their bloodlust for dead Arabs with fake compassion and trot out such inanities as "freedom is worth any price" while Iraqi blood runs into the gutters thanks to their actions.

However, rubbing their noses into their disgusting hypocrisy is a source of satisfaction for me. :)

Bruno said...

[mojo] "Many more Iraqis have been deliberately hurt by 3arab jarab and "mujahideen" than by Americans."

I will concede that it is the case that more Iraqis have been killed by other Iraqis than by Americans, high though the US-inflicted slaughter may be.

The real question, however, is: WHO created the conditions for Iraqi-on-Iraqi violence?

Who pushed sectarian politics from the start?

Who made the most sectarian institution in the region, the Badrists, the core of the security forces?

Who funded, trained and organised the death squads?

Who wanted to attract terrorists to Iraq to "fight them there?"

Who dismantled the formerly effective Iraqi security forces and then cried out when those terrorists streamed in?

Who guaranteed civil war through the blanket banning of the Baath party?

The answer is easy: the United States of America.

C.H. said...

"Trust me, they are secretly ecstatic every time you quote that"

As ecstatic as you get every time a bomb goes off and incinerates dozens of Iraqis? What's amazing is that you and Bruno don't even realize what hypocritical buffoons you sound like every time you make these assertions.

The only people who have ever cheered the mass murder of Iraqis on this blog are you, Habis, and a couple of other scumbags who declare their support to the "resistance".

Bruno said...

There goes CH, cheering the mass murder of Iraqis, yet again. I bet he's happy that Iraqis dies instead of Americans. Right, CH?

Anonymous said...

Who pushed sectarian politics from the start?

AQI and their Baathist allies when they started slaughtering Shias. Some people called their activities "resistance".

Who dismantled the formerly effective Iraqi security forces and then cried out when those terrorists streamed in?

Yeah, they were very effective at filling mass graves with inoccent Iraqis.

Who funded, trained and organised the death squads?

Al Qaeda funded the sunni death squads and Iran financed the Shia death squads loyal to their poster boy Mookie.

Who guaranteed civil war through the blanket banning of the Baath party?

The Iraqis themselves made this decision and it wasn't a cause of the civil war as the sunnis were not prevented from voting for Baathist sympathizers and apologists. The cause of the civil war was the end of sunni minority rule in Iraq.