Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sunni and Shia Arabs do not "kill each other"

"More than 40 people have died and some 100 have been wounded in bomb attacks on Shia pilgrims converging on a shrine in northern Baghdad, say police.

At least 30 died when a suicide bomber targeted a crowd walking through the predominantly Sunni Adhamiya district to the Imam Moussa al-Kadhim mosque."

I came across this photo on facebook. The caption condemned the killing of "non-Muslims" but also said "...when Shias and Sunnis kill each other." Maybe I'm being too sensitive, but I think this statement is misleading. Shia do not kill Sunni kids in the name of Islam.


Dolly said...

The Shia attempted to team up with the Crusaders and completely eliminate the Sunnis (genocide). That is how the civil war got started.
The U.S.-Shia axis staged offensives on Sunni cities after 2003, Shiite death squads rose to infamy for using electric drills on people's heads, and U.S.-Shia prisons and secret prisons are internationally renowned for torture.

All these wonderful efforts by the Iraqi Shia lowlifes and evildoers is what will ultimately explode in their face.

Anonymous said...

I saw this same picture 5 years ago. The baby was killed by the US army. They claimed it was a "mistake"

Anonymous said...

Hey mojo,
why dont you tell "the shia" and their "sahwa" sunni friends that this is the risk they take for allying themselves with an occupation army, all for a few miserable dollars.

but you dont like that mojo, do you? well, lifes a bitch.

Also, i reject how you generalize all shias as collaborating with the occupation. there are many shias who reject the occupation and refuse to join the occupations militia.