Monday, July 19, 2010

Al Qaeda kills more Iraqis

"In one of the deadliest single attacks in Iraq this year, insurgents on Sunday targeted the Sunni militia that was crucial in turning the tide against al-Qaida in Iraq.

That bombing claimed at least 43 lives and rekindled memories of the 2006-07 peak of both Iraq's civil war and its insurgency. It is the latest in a string of recent attacks against Iraqi police and the Sunni Awakening, or Sons of Iraq.

Members of the Awakening, a collective movement recruited by the U.S. military to fight al-Qaida in Iraq, were attacked while waiting on Baghdad's southwest outskirts to receive paychecks from the Iraqi government.

Government officials and Awakening leaders blamed al-Qaida in Iraq."


Aton said...

"Sudan dissent brutally suppressed, says Amnesty report"

"Amnesty International says former prisoners have reported arbitrary arrests, beatings and torture."

Dolly said...

Assmericans know nothing about the Country of Africa, or about anything else for that matter, but Aton thought the Sudan article sounded good in the propaganda context of Evil Mohametans attacking the peaceful Christians of Darfur and Darfive

Do you have any other anti-muzzie material Aton, maybe Armenian_genocide™ or honor killing?
Throw in something about the beaner Mexicans and Black Liberation Theology, so you can assail all the enemies at once.

Mojo will nod and agree with everything you say.
Even if you say "Everybody named Akmed should leave North America," Mojo will agree.
He'll walk to the cyber cafe in San Juan if he has to