Sunday, October 04, 2009

US & UK "chasing a phantom enemy"

So it turns out Al Qaeda does not exist as an organization. No surprise there. Wahhabi terrorism, however, has caused much death and destruction in Iraq and other parts of the world. Takfir and the notion that non-Muslims (from the Wahhabi perspective) are infidels or apostates must be combatted through education (and satire). Those who are influenced by Wahhabism and are determined to cause harm to innocent people must be arrested and jailed before they commit crimes.

This is a comment (Oct 5) for this post:

'If you have watched the video, please point out any inaccuracies you find. Where did the name "Al Qaeda" come from, if not from bin Ladin?

Thanks anan for pointing out that bin Ladin did set up an organization in 1998. In 1990 he volunteered to expel Iraqi forces from Kuwait and urged the Saudis not to invite infidels into the House of Islam. I wonder if he and his mujahideen really could have expelled Iraqi forces from Kuwait. That would have been an interesting turn in that story, if the Saudis had taken bin Ladin's offer before inviting the Americans.

The reason I posted this video is because what is discussed in it, including legal cases, seems to be true. I also wanted to emphasize that even IF Al Qaeda doesn't have an organization in the traditional sense, the Arabs and Muslims who were influenced by Wahhabi ideas were quite willing to be allied with a group that was responsible for the most horrendous sectarian violence in the history of the world. This video doesn't change the fact that jarab from Morocco to Salt to Riyadh volunteered to mass murder Iraqis. It doesn't change the fact that fundamentalist Muslims blew up Budhhist statues in Afghanistan and mass murdered Shia in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It's also interesting to see the reaction of some Arabs to this video (and the person who posted it - "BBC now admits al qaeda never existed"), as if there are no Wahhabi terrorists who blow up markets in Iraq, as if 19 Arabs did not hijack planes and fly them into tall buildings in NYC 8 years ago.'

Update (Oct 6): Anand sent me this via email:

'AQ was a highly capable organization. It's name was written in the founding notes for the meeting in 1998 that formed the organization. There are detailed records of these founding meetings.

The Jihad against the Soviets in the 1980s has 13 major Mujahadeen groups. The 7 sunni extremist ones were: (they were backed by the Pakistani and Saudi governments)

One of the important ones was:
This was founded by Osama Bin Laden and Abdullah Azzam in 1984. This was a very large and well funded group. It was very real; and a feared enemy of the Soviet Union. It also participated in killing Shiiites.

Abdullah Azzam and Osama Bin Laden formed Al Qaeda in March 1988. Again, it was an important group from the start.

OBL (Osama Bin Laden) really took off in 1998 when he founded the international Islamic front. {He was emir for the entire group.} This was a huge group with arguably over a hundred thousand fighters around the world. Fortunately for the world (especially India, China, Russia, Iran, the Stans, and the Shia), the dumb Takfiri extremists attacked America too. As a result they suffered a body blow after 9/11. Al Qaeda linked networks are much weaker now than they were at their zenith (1998-2001.)'

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