Friday, October 23, 2009

Mish3an Jabouri Dreams of "Suraqia"

Mish3an Jabouri, the man who starred in the Al Jazeera interview below, dreams of uniting Iraq and Syria, like Saddam and the Ba3ath dreamed long ago. He dreams of good relations between Iraq and Syria. Given that the Syrians have allowed hundreds of suicide bombers to enter Iraq via the gates of Damascus since 2003, I also "dream" of good relations between Iraq and Syria!

'Mish'an Al-Jabouri: "We support good relations between Syria and Iraq, but not between Syria and the Al-Maliki government. We support good relations between Iraq and Syria regardless of who the ruler is, because we believe that this serves the people and their interests, and that it is a positive factor.

"Personally, I believe in the philosophy and notion of 'Suraqia' – Greater Syria and Iraq. This is what I dream about. Just like some people dream of Arab unity and others of Islamic unity, I adhere to the notion of Suraqia.

"Therefore, in the days of the late president Saddam Hussein, I used to call from Syria for good Syrian-Iraqi relations, at a time when they were very bad. Back then, Al-Maliki would curse me in the newspaper he had here, and would accuse me of working for Iraqi intelligence, and of being an agent for Saddam, just because I would call for good Syrian-Iraqi relations." '

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