Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Peter Galbraith dismissed from Afghanistan UN post

I have quoted and commended Peter W. Galbraith on this blog before. He seems to be trying to do the right thing in Afghanistan now.

'America’s top diplomat at the United Nations mission in Afghanistan has been ordered out of the country after a row with his boss over how to respond to last month’s fraud-riddled presidential elections, it has been alleged.

The alleged quarrel is threatening to spark a mutiny within the UN mission. At least a dozen senior staff are backing the American, Peter Galbraith, in the dispute with his Norwegian superior, Kai Eide.

Mr Galbraith, a close friend of the US special envoy Richard Holbrooke, left for Boston on Sunday after a heated meeting with Afghan election officials. His “pointed” questions to the Independent Election Commission (IEC) were evidence of a much tougher line towards the Afghan authorities than the “softly-softly” approach of Mr Eide, who heads the UN mission to Kabul.'


"Of all the voices alleging electoral fraud in Afghanistan one of the strongest to emerge is Peter Galbraith.

Until last week he served as the United Nations deputy envoy in that country and after being excused from his post, so to speak, he is speaking out about the fraud he allegedly witnessed.

Matt Frei spoke to him from Norway about those accusations and what he says led to his dismissal."

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