Friday, October 16, 2009

Iraqi Poet Criticizes Arab Nationalist Poets for Supporting Tyrants

Another Iraqi recalls the methods of torture and murder by Saddam's regime and criticizes Arabs who praised Saddam. A must read, although gory and sad. Thanks Gilgamesh for posting the link!

Iraqi Poet Abbas Khidr Recounts His Experience of Torture in Iraqi Prison Under Saddam, Criticizes Arab Nationalist Poets for Supporting Tyrants

..."Renowned Arab Poets and Authors Kept Talking About Love and Freedom... They Lauded Saddam Hussein"

"I found it strange that renowned Arab poets and authors kept talking about love and freedom. They went to Iraq and lauded Saddam Hussein. Take Nizar Qabbani, for example. He wrote that the most beautiful poetry emerges from the [Iraqi] Revolutionary Council?! Is it conceivable that the number one poet of the Arabs mentions in the same breath poetry and the Iraqi Revolutionary Council, which waged war and executed people in the streets in Iraq?!

"Take a poet like Su'ad Al-Sabbah - the Kuwaiti princess who came to Iraq, and wrote a poem dedicated to Saddam Hussein... or rather, she wrote an article dedicated to Saddam Hussein. She wrote: 'A poet who does not write in favor of the war and the leader is a traitor. We must persecute him and burn all his poems.' Imagine that this woman, who should be talking about emotions and beauty, talks about burning and killing?! She was Kuwaiti and she said this in the 90s. She wrote in a poem about the sun and the sea: '... I feel like marrying a sword.' Sister, what is this? What is this cruelty? You want to marry a sword?! She dedicated the poem to Saddam Hussein."

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