Thursday, February 14, 2008

KSA bans the color red

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in its efforts to limit western influence and keep the Saudi people in line with their vision of how life should be lived, has banned the color RED.  Saudis caught with red roses may be punished.  I doubt the punishment would be severe, but the act of banning the color red for whatever reason seems incredibly silly to me and shows where the Kingdom's priorities are.  I feel sorry for ordinary Saudis.

Saudis Ban Red Roses Ahead of Valentine's Day

Morning Edition, February 12, 2008 · The "morals police" in Saudi Arabia are cracking down on the color of romance. As Valentine's Day approaches, authorities have banned all things red, especially red roses. The Saudi Gazette reports florists have been delivering bouquets under the cover of darkness to avoid being caught.

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