Thursday, February 14, 2008

Accusations of Bribery

Dr. Muhammad Ali Zainy of CGES sent me an email (below) regarding the upcoming Paris conference on Iraqi oil, at which recommendations will be made to the Iraqi government in passing a just and equitable oil law.  Baath party leaders (Izzat al Douri) have accused conference participants of being bribed by Total Petroleum into passing an oil law that would allow international companies to steal Iraq's oil.  The accusations are interesting, given that Dr. Zainy has criticized previous versions of the draft oil law and has repeatedly cautioned the Iraqi government to not pass a law that would give too much control to oil companies.  It seems that Baath party leaders will attack anybody who is willing to help the new Iraq make positive steps towards economic progress.
Dr. Zainy to me: There was a scathing attack (in Arabic) on the upcoming 25-27 February Paris conference on Iraqi oil, which I am attending. They are accusing us that the French oil company Total is behind this conference in addition to some "Jewish elements!!!" all in order to "steal Iraq's oil" and that we are being bribed one million Euro each after we agree to "pass the Iraqi oil law". The attack was made by the Baath party, branch of Izzat al-Douri (father of ice). Down below was my response to Issam Chalabi (former Iraqi oil minister) who brought the attack to our attention. My response also encouraged another colleague of mine to retort with a harsh response, which I will forward to you.
Dr. Zainy to former Iraqi Oil Minister Issam al Chalabi:

Dear Issam,

I sent the attached Arabic article of mine, which was circulated to all of you a few months ago and also got published, as you know, in Al-Sharqiyah newspaper and the Internet, including the Iraqi Parliament's website, to Dr. Hosham Dawod, a key organiser of this conference and who got attacked by this shameful article shown below which you kindly circulated to us. Dr. Hosham was very happy to receive the article, and he informed me that many copies of it will be printed and distributed to the guests, given that this article speaks bitterly of the proposed oil law and the Iraqi constitution itself. Besides, I can claim that almost all Iraqi invitees outside of the government are, in one way or another, against the draft Iraqi oil law and the Iraqi constitution the way they were written. The Paris conference would, indeed, be a very opportune forum for us to express our views frankly and boldly to all those high-ranking Iraqi politicians and decision makers concerning the drawbacks of the draft oil law and the crooked constitution that was trashed in the dark on the Iraqi people. For this writer to accuse people in this cheap manner and circulate laughable material cannot but harm our cause – and maybe his cause. I don't know when will some Iraqi politicians start behaving rationally and in a trust-worthy manner. It would at least be for the benefit of the cause they claim they are defending, if they tone down their rhetoric a bit and start speaking some sense. God help Iraq!!!



Dr. Kamil Al-adhadh's response to the accusations:

Dear Issam,

Dear Colleagues,

This is to comment on the circulated statement, issued by the so called Rafidayn Net . This, to me, is an evident case of prejudice and prejudgement; none of us have any relation, whatsoever, with the Organizers of the forthcoming Conference on Oil Policies, to be held in Paris. But whoever the Organizers might be, we do need a platform to refute their case for the Draft Oil & Gas Law as it stands. What matters is to present your case in an objective, scientific and patriotic exposition, defending the constitutional and sacred rights of our people! Now, it is really cheap to write from a conspiratorial mind; we are too mature and honest to be fooled by any one. Why don`t they wait till they read our papers, then judge if they are put to pass any explicit or implicit solicitation to so called " imperialists". Let them know that this way they practise terror, and indulge in the most backward form of dictatorial whip lashing which had always been inflicted upon us, all through our history . Let them know that we are incorruptible and we shall defend the legitimate rights of all our people; Arabs, Kurds, Turkuman, Assyrians, and others of all religions and sects; this we will never compromise , not for trillions of dollars. This is cheap propaganda! Anyway, we have addressed  the Iraqi Government and Members of Iraqi Parliament before; more so, some of our colleagues attended the Dubai Seminar; but that did not make any of us corrupted agents, etc. If those who make such claims are truly patriots, then they must stand by those who devote their knowledge, expertise, and venture their livelihood to stand up against all exploitation and foreign domination. Whoever issued that deceptive and false statement must be absolutely bankrupt. We will never waiver, we shall defend our national and just case anywhere, even in the USA itself. We,  (and I speak for myself and for those who I know of my colleagues), are not afraid, because we know, we are incorruptible and honest. So be it!!

Kamil Al-adhadh.


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