Wednesday, February 06, 2008

AQI getting desperate

Al Qaeda in Iraq has been training children, some as young as 10, to kill people. I think that this evidence, along with their use of women with Down syndrome, is a sign of desperation.

The people in charge of this sick operation could be Iraqis. During my last year in school (7th grade) in Baghdad, young members of the Ba3ath party often stopped at our school (about twice a month) to teach us the ways of the Ba3ath. One time they brought a couple of AK-47s with them and taught us how to fire them.

PS: "A U.S. military description of the video provided by Smith said one of the trainers spoke with an Iraqi accent."

But non-Iraqi Arabs (advocates of mass murder, no doubt) are part of this evil: "The written description said a narrator at one point spoke with an Egyptian accent."

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