Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Plight of Christians in Iraq

Watch this excellent interview with two Iraqi Christian brothers - Archbishop Gabriel Kasab, former Chaldean Archbishop of Basra and Joseph Kasab, Executive Director of the Chaldean Federation of America.  I don't know when it was broadcast, but Nena Shea, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and Vice Chair of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, talks about Iraqi Christians in Dora (southern Baghdad neighborhood - I spent my first 6 years in Dora) being told that they either pay a tax, convert to Islam, leave, or die - this happened very recently.  Gabriel Kasab speaks in Aramaic, which I heard spoken for the first time in the film The Passion of the Christ.  Aramaic sounds a lot like Arabic.  (Thanks dad)

PS: Note that Iran (and the Shia militias) are also blamed for the persecution of Iraqi Christians. 3-5% of the Iraqi population are Christians, and yet they make up 40% of the refugees!

PPS: I just got through half of it and watched the commercials. This is the Catholic channel! Did you know that you can still eat meat on Friday, as long as you do something charitable? LOL! Just like in Islam, if we cannot fast during Ramadan, we must give a poor person one day's worth of food for every day of fasting missed.

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