Friday, August 17, 2007

Arab nations defending themselves (using weapons sold to them by US) against Israel would be 'problematic'

This makes me wonder: is a college degree a prerequisite to becoming a Congressman? Not only is Rep. Steny Hoyer a member of Congress and a Democrat, he is also the House Majority Leader!

'The threat, Mr. Burns said, is “immediate, and it’s also long-term.” He cited Iran’s support for organizations that the United States classifies as terrorist, and that are opposed to peace and stability in the region, like Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Palestinian territories and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

The new aid to Israel will average $3 billion a year, an increase of about 25 percent from current figures. It would begin flowing in October 2008, when American economic aid to Israel is scheduled to end; Israel now has a vibrant, growing economy.

Uniquely, officials said, the new deal allows Israel to spend 26.3 percent of the aid on arms from Israel’s domestic defense industry; the rest of the money must be spent on American equipment.

The Israelis have some specific reservations about what kinds of equipment might be sold to Saudi Arabia, however, despite American promises that Israel will keep its “qualitative edge” regionally in military technology.

Rep. Steny Hoyer, Democrat of Maryland and House Majority Leader, said in an interview today that “Congress will be supportive of the aid to Israel, but with respect to Saudi Arabia, I think we will look at that more closely.”

Mr. Hoyer said there are “specific concerns on guided missile technology that could be used defensively against Israel and that would be problematic.” '

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