Sunday, August 26, 2007


With almost 80 million people, Egypt is the biggest Arab country. Egypt has led the Arab world in art, culture, and politics. The most famous Arab singer of all time is probably Um Kalthoom. Thousands of movies have been made in Egypt, and many of them are quite good, and very funny. They say that the Egyptian dialect is understood by all Arabs - because of Egyptian movies - I wish I had watched as many Egyptian movies as my mother did. Egypt has great influence in the Arab world. You may have learned in the God's Warriors series that what happens in Egypt usually spreads to other Arab countries. Last night I learned (from Anand) that when Saddam invaded Kuwait, he offered Egyptian President Hosni Mubarrak 20% of Kuwait's oil in exchange for his support. You can get a lot more done if you have Egypt on your side.

Compared to Arabs who spent all their lives in the mid east, I have watched very few Egyptian movies, but I remember very well one famous (perhaps the most famous) Egyptian actor: Adel Imam.

The author of this video writes "this is a comedic clip from a Adel Imam movie that's both funny and makes you really think. It makes you think about those who preach a certain ideology, the ideology of hate, the ideology of death,the ideology of wahabism... promising their brainwashed masses eternal bliss if they follow their ideology. The funny thing is, the preachers are never the ones that volunteer for what they preach. If they really believed in their ideology, why aren't the preachers the first to sign up for implementing the ideology they preach? This shows this in a Adel Imam way, with comedy"

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