Sunday, February 19, 2012

Suicide bomber kills a dozen would-be students at Baghdad police academy

'A suicide car bomber has blown himself up in front of a Baghdad police academy, killing 15 people and wounding 21 others in the deadliest attack in the Iraqi capital in weeks, security officials said.

At least seven other people were killed in attacks elsewhere in Iraq.

The suicide bomber "blew himself up at the entrance of the police academy on Palestine Street" an interior ministry official said, putting the toll at 15 dead and 21 wounded.

A police colonel confirmed the toll.

The ministry official said the assailant was at the wheel of a car rigged with explosives and that most of the victims were students applying to join the police force.'

It boggles the mind to think that there are Muslims who would volunteer to wage such war against a Shiite-led government in Baghdad, almost a decade after Iraqi Shia were empowered by elections, by Iraqi voters. Do these suicide bombers really believe they are going to heaven?


Anonymous said...

Certainly. They are told that Shiites are infidels, and killing infidels gets you into Heaven.

Shiites feel the same way about Jews.


Iraqi Mojo said...

Shiites feel the same way about Jews?? Where did you hear that?

Anonymous said...

I hear that from Hezbollah, from the Iranians, and from most Iraqis if you ask them. Hatred of Jews seems to be universal among Muslims.

In Pakistan, hatred of Hindus perhaps dominates.

Iraqi Mojo said...

How many Shiites have blown themselves up among Jews?

Anonymous said...

how many shiites have killed sunnis in syria?

Iraqi Mojo said...

Many Shiite soldiers loyal to Assad have killed Sunni Syrians, I'm sure. But the allegation by DC is that Shiites hate Jews as much as Wahhabis hate Shiites. He said "killing infidels gets you into Heaven" and then wrote "Shiites feel the same way about Jews."

Anonymous said...

"How many Shiites have blown themselves up among Jews?"

They don't do that. They prefer rockets.

And terror attacks like the one in Argentina (1994) which used a car bomb.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Palestinians have used rockets too.

Did those Palestinians and Shiites launch rockets into Israel because they wanted to kill Jews, because they believe Jews are infidels and killing them would be rewarded by Allah?

Anonymous said...

"Did those Palestinians and Shiites launch rockets into Israel because they wanted to kill Jews, because they believe Jews are infidels and killing them would be rewarded by Allah?"

Yes, I think so.

What other reason is there for the intense hostility of Muslims to Jews?

Here is a Shiite who wanted to "annihlate Israel". That means killing every person in the country.

I have never seen a Jew say he wants to annilate Lebanon or Gaza. The most extreme say they want to be allowed to live anywhere in the West Bank as well as in the current area of Israel. They don't say they want to kill Muslims.

Anonymous said...

The word is "annihilate".


Iraqi Mojo said...

Yes the Iranian scientist wanted to annihilate the Zionist regime. Westerners often confuse this with wanting to kill Jews because Islam encourages it, or something. The Qur'an does not encourage Muslims to kill Jews.

Muslims like the Iranian scientist you quoted want to save Palestine from total annihilation by annihilating Israel. It is a silly and impractical goal, but for the last 60 years many Arabs and Muslims say they want to destroy Israel. Nasser wanted to "push Israel into the sea." Meanwhile Israel has taken more and more Palestinian land.

In reality, it is Palestine that is slowly being annihilated, and that is what the Iranian scientist wanted Iran to do to Israel, except he wanted it done more quickly. But do the Iranians really intend to nuke Tel Aviv? I don't think so. Aren't they afraid they would miss and hit Palestinians? Even if they nuke Tel Aviv, wouldn't the radiation be blown into Palestinian territory by prevailing winds? And have the Iranians read about MAD?

There was a time when I hated Israel too. It is natural for Arabs to hate Israel after seeing what Israel has done to Palestinians. But it has nothing to do with hating Jews. Not all Jews are Israelis. And after growing up and learning about the world, I've realized that Israel is not nearly as pernicious (to Iraqi Shia) as Wahhabis.

The Iranian regime aspires to be a great influence in the world, and they want to "liberate" Palestine by "annihilating" Israel. It's all a bunch of rhetoric that appeases Arabs and Muslims all over the world. It works too: many Palestinians admire and respect Iran. They disrespect Iraqi Shia (because we are allegedly agents of Iran and were against Saddam), but they love Iran for standing up to Israel.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I understand why Israelis would be very sensitive to a group of people's intention to annihilate the nation of Israel.

Muhannad said...

I just spoke with an Iranian American woman who believes Iran would nuke Israel or America if they get nuclear weapons.

Muhannad said...

The same Iranian American woman estimated that 80% of Iranians are not religious, echoing a statement made by an Iranian American co-worker of mine. It seems the ruling Mullahs have given Islam a bad name.

Iraqi Mojo said...

It seems that many westerners do not understand what Israel did to the Palestinians. Many westerners seem to think the Palestinians have lived only in Ghaza and the West Bank; they don't understand the deep-rooted hatred Palestinians possess for the state of Israel, the state that forced them to move out of their homes.

I found this quote in a document buried on my hard drive:

"Min wein jaybeenha hay? ‘where did they get this one from?’ is all the man behind me had to say about that lady we were waiting for in line so I would remember that it was not about the screaming child next to me or the woman with 6 children ahead of me or even the 3 hours I spent waiting in another line so I could wait in that line that morning.

It was not about the 16 year old kids with rifles bossing us around or about the girl soldier that was too busy flirting to let us through or about the flesh burning heat- it was about that lady that I was waiting in line for.

She was beautiful, her dark complexion and tight braids complimented her piercing eyes and sharp features.

Lady Africa looked stunning but I could not help but feel hurt and betrayed by a reality that I would rather close my eyes and heart to; she was an immigrant to my land with more privilege than me. She looks down on me, questions me, throws my passport back in my face and then over the weekend soaks her feet in a sea that I can only dream off.

What does she have that makes her more special than me? She gets to live a life that kids in Ghaza, Jenin and Hebron can not imagine possible. She gets to walk down streets that my grandparents held hands in, that my mother played in and my dad skipped down with a kite in his hands.. And I get to shut my dreams out because the truth is that maybe if I were African, Asian or European I could skip down those streets too- but as long as I am Palestinian there is not skipping for me."


David All said...

Thank you Mojo for your thoughtful comments about Israel and Palestine and a special thank you for posting Shireen from Nablus' eloquesnt comment of what the degrading humiliation of getting through an Israel checkpoint means for an ordinary Palestinian. Also the difference between an Israeli can look forward to in their lesire time and that of a Palestinian. I am afraid here in America the point of view of the ordinary Palestinians on what the Israeli occupation of the West Bank means for them has not been presented that much. It has been presented some, but not enough that most Americans are aware of it.

Most Americans see things from the Israeli point of view. And from that perspective, the checkpoints on the West Bank, along with the barrier wall is an unfortunate necessarity to keeping suicide bombers from committing mass murder in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.