Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Iran is not all Persian

An interesting interview with Ali Soufan, who reminds us that Iran is not all Persian. Iran's neighbors Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Armenia have influence in Iran because of the high numbers of Turkic peoples in Iran. 51% of Iran is Persian, smaller than I thought. The rest are Turkic, Arab, and others.

PS: I just read the very interesting Wiki entry on Ali Soufan. His experience is the reason we know now that torture does not work, and at least in one case torture stopped the flow of information.


Anonymous said...

"Feel Good Video Of The Day: Iranian Terrorist Accidentally Blows His Legs Off, Lays Screaming In Pain"


Anonymous said...

mojo plays the ethnic and sectarian cards many times over...yawn

Iraqi Mojo said...

because conflicts in the mid east have nothing to do with sect?