Thursday, September 08, 2011

Journalist who criticized Iraqi govt is murdered

'Iraqi authorities should conduct an immediate, full, and transparent investigation into the September 8, 2011 killing of Hadi al-Mahdi, a popular radio journalist often critical of the government, at his home in Baghdad, and prosecute those responsible, Human Rights Watch said today.

“The killing of Hadi al-Mahdi sadly highlights that journalism in Iraq remains a deadly profession,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “After more than six years of democratic rule, Iraqis who publicly express their views still do so at great peril.”

Witnesses at the crime scene told Human Rights Watch that they saw no evidence of a struggle or theft, suggesting that the killing was deliberate. Al-Mahdi’s cell phone, laptop, and other valuables were left in the house untouched.

Al-Mahdi, a freelance journalist and theater director, had been openly critical of government corruption and social inequality in Iraq. His popular talk radio program, “To Whoever Listens,” ran three times a week in Baghdad before he left the show two months ago. The program’s appeal was al-Mahdi’s fearless and scathing voice, laced with a sense of humor, Human Rights Watch said. Leading up to the country’s “Day of Anger” mass pro-democracy and anti-corruption demonstrations on February 25, he became increasingly involved as a vocal organizer of Iraq’s new protest movement in Baghdad.'


Dolly said...

Sounds like a Shia name, because he's named after the Imam al-Zaman

So thumbz up

Anonymous said...

lol, welcome to the new Iraq.

P.S Dolly is on the CIA payroll

Iraqi Mojo said...

'On his radio program, “To Whoever Listens,” Mahdi loudly criticized Iraqi politicians of every stripe, including Maliki. He had a background in theater, and it showed in his delivery. He often used humor in his attacks. Maliki’s officials often had complained about Mahdi’s views to the radio station that aired the thrice-weekly talk show, supporters said.'

C.H. said...

Its crazy, isn't it Anon? Hard to believe Iraq used to be a place where people could criticize their leaders without being murdered.

Anonymous said...

"Hard to believe Iraq used to be a place where people could criticize their leaders without being murdered."

When was that?


Dolly said...

It doesn't matter that he "criticized."

The entire political process from 2003 is garbage, it's not a matter of fine-tuning !

So he criticized, but he probably supported the elections.
Therefore he deserves to be gunned down like a dog

Iraqi Mojo said...

DC, C.H. was being sarcastic.