Sunday, September 04, 2011

12,284 civilians killed in suicide bombings in Iraq 2003 - 2010

"While sophisticated roadside bombs have taken a heavy toll on American troops over the course of the war here, suicide bombings have largely been a hallmark of sectarian warfare. Independent researchers have now tried to quantify their damage, poring through data compiled from death reports to conclude that more than 12,000 Iraqis have been killed in at least 1,000 suicide attacks since the American-led invasion.

...According to the paper, from March 20, 2003, to the end of 2010, suicide bombers killed 12,284 Iraqi civilians and wounded 30,644 others. The attacks killed 200 coalition troops, including 175 from the United States."

Thanks idit for posting.

According to this Wikipedia article, there were 1,759 suicide bombings in Iraq between 2003 and 2010.


David All said...

One particularly horrible part of suicide bombing that increases the number of deaths is that the fragments of the bomb are often laced with rat poision which requires very large doses of antibiotics given promptly to the patient in order to prevent death by infection.

Thanks Idit and Mojo for posting this article.

Dolly said...

If by horrible you mean neat

MsWakeUp said...

Mojo, why did you stop writing original articles and resort to just relaying the news?

Iraqi Mojo said...

MsWakeUp, I still write original articles once in a while, but you're right. I don't write as much as I used to. I was thinking about that the other night. I was much more into my blog until this year. Part of the reason is my new job. It's demanding and I don't have as much time to write. But that's a poor excuse, really. I often have thoughts that I could express in writing, but I choose not to because I'm busy doing something else, often driving somewhere. Maybe part of the problem is that when I'm at home I'm distracted by TV. I have written many posts while watching TV, but lately I haven't written many original posts, and that's a shame, I know.

MsWakeUp said...

Take it easy. :)

Jeffrey said...


I haven't been checking out the Iraqi blogosphere much since closing the doors at IBC two and a half years ago, but today, since it's raining here, I decided to sit down at the computer and take a look around. I went first to a lot of archives, mainly old blog entries and comments pages. I read a bunch of great debates that all of us had with Abbas over at "Catharsis" (January and February, 2008, in particular).

But these days not much is going on. So it looks like you're not the only one who has less time for Iraqi issues -- not necessarily a bad thing, of course. Iraq Pundit has removed his blog (damn, that was a really good blog), as well as Chikitita. There are probably others, too.

So it seems that the best days of the English-language Iraqi blogosphere have come and gone. Well, while it was thriving, it was a great place to talk and argue with others about all types of issues -- and learn, too.

Hey, you have my e-mail, so of course next time you're back in NYC, let's get together again.

Later, your friend,

Jeffrey -- New York


Iraqi Mojo said...

Hi Jeffrey! Iraq Pundit closed his blog? That's too bad.

Yes it was fun and interesting while it lasted. I will continue blogging about all issues on my mind.

I would love to see you next time I visit NYC.

Iraqi Mojo said...

MsWakeUp, so should I write more original posts or should I take it easy?


MsWakeUp said...

Write the articles since it's what attracted readers to your spot, then perhaps take it easy.

You may need to get a reading to see whens a good time to take it easy. :)

Hopefully your new job isn't parenthood.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Hi guys!

While the Iraqi Blogoshpere wasn't what it once was, it's amazing the people who are still out here, lurking in the shadows. :)

Maybe because it can still be a good place to vent and find some interesting conversation.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Of course, now I'm going to have to visit Abbas to see what Jeffrey found so interesting in January & February 2008. :)

Anonymous said...

The reason why the "Iraqi" bloggers have been dwindling is because the CIA has stopped a good chunk of monthly salaries.

Mojo, im not sure if he's on the payroll, but I wouldnt doubt it. That or he just watches fox news

Anony-moose said...

Another baseless claim from a jihadi nitwit. Any Iraqi who doesn't hate America and love Osama must be on the CIA payroll.