Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why would you get a gun?

"To prepare for tough times" says Glenn Beck, as he points to a photo of President Obama. That really is some serious psycho talk, as Ed Schultz noted on his show tonight:

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I don't take this man seriously. He is like Sarah Palin: irrelevant, but still fun to laugh at.


Aton said...

To protect your property...duh

David All said...

Aton, given that crime rates are the lowest in forty years, that does not seem a very compelling reason. Beck is an inflamatory hate monger. The problem is that there are enough kooks out there who might take such idiocy as Beck's rantings seriously enough to act on them.

C.H. said...


I've heard people say this a lot about Beck yet its LEFTIST (and an assortment of people who hate Beck)kooks who always end up acting on their crazy beliefs and killing people.

Tucson...the Holocaust Museum...the Pentagon...Discovery Channel HQ. All kooks, all either liberals or anti-neocon fanatics.

David All said...

(Sigh) C.H. The Holocaust Museum shooter was an elderly white supremaicst. The others you mentioned, as far as I know, were just kooks without any indentifiable politics.

C.H. said...

"The Holocaust Museum shooter was an elderly white supremaicst."

Yes, an elderly white supremacist who railed against the invasion of Iraq, hated Bush, Cheney, McCain, and Palin, and believed that 9/11 was an inside job. He was also convinced that Israel and the Jews controlled US foreign policy.

For some idiotic reason, the blame over this murderer was laid at the feet of Republicans. Almost everything he believed was indistinguishable from a militant Daily Kos commentator.

Anonymous said...

I do believe President O-Bambi views our 2nd Amendment rights in distain ::BHO, (" clinging to their guns,and their bibles"), but he's much too thoughtful a politian to make a direct assault on gun ownership.Beck enjoys fostering all forms of Obamaparanoia, and even without his input, MANY Americans rushed to stock up on (preferably unregistered) guns,& ammo when the O took office.

You may wish Sarah Palin "irrelevant",but by Nov '12, she may have helped make B. H. Obama "irrelevant".