Wednesday, June 08, 2011

4 protest organizers released from Baghdad jail

'Four protest organizers who were detained at Baghdad's Tahrir Square on May 27 have been released, activists and members of human rights organizations told CNN.

Activists said a court judge released Jihad Jalil, Ali al-Jaf, Mouyed Faisal and Ahmed Al-Baghdadi on bail Tuesday.

Iraq had previously denied it arrested protest organizers, saying in a statement posted on the Baghdad Operations Command website that the four men were detained for carrying fraudulent identity papers.

The Baghdad command accused the media of making up the story, calling on Iraqis "not to be enticed by the irresponsible media, which aims to create chaos and destabilize security and stability."

But Saturday the Baghdad Operations Command said in a later statement that the four would be released on bail by the judicial authorities.

"They have all the right to demonstrate in accordance with the law and without any conditions," the statement said.'

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CMAR II said...

Democracy is insufficient. It's liberty that the M.E. needs.