Monday, June 13, 2011

Syrian Muslim Brotherhood allied with Saudi?

Interesting post by the Angry Arab: "Saudi media clearly are taking the script from Israeli propaganda. Media of Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and of the Saudi state are now repeating a story that members of Iranian Revolutionary Guards and of Hizbullah are participating in shooting at protesters in Syria. Now why? Why would the Syrian Army need help from Hizbullah? I mean, is there a shortage of people in the Syrian security services who are willing to shoot at people? What would a handful of Iranians or Hizbullah fighters (trained to fight Israel) bring into the repression festival in Syria? This is very much a typical Mossad lie. Did you forget that the liars of the Mossad claimed in 2006 that they found the bodies of 3 Iranian revolutionary guards but then they failed to produce the bodies? We are used to Israeli lies. The Syrian Muslim Brothers is a tool of not only Saudi Arabia, but of Israel too. Make no mistake about it."


C.H. said...

AA's ignorance is raging. If he'd look around, he would see that Israelis are quite content with Bashar Assad and see him as a force for "stability", just like the asshats in the US Congress.

BTW...I don't know if the IRGC is involved in the Syrian crackdown, but the IRI media sure is. Go read the Tehran Times...all is well in Syria over there.

Don't even get me started on Press TV...

C.H. said...

"What would a handful of Iranians or Hizbullah fighters"

The only people "Iranian fighters" know how to kill are unarmed Iranian civilians.