Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Iraqis frustrated by lack of electricity

"At the peak of the war, electricity workers were targets of militants and insurgents, undermining the maintenance of service. At least 140 people from the Electricity Ministry have been killed in recent years.

The bigger threat now is angry citizens who curse electricity workers in the street, said Col. Qutaiba al-Kareem Saleh, who oversees security for ministry employees in parts of the capital."


Bruno said...

This is all lies and bullshit.


Even Bush said so.


Don Cox said...

I think there is now slightly more power being produced than before the invasion, but the demand is for at least twice as much.

Dolly said...

Look at how he snuck in the insinuation that "teh insurjents" are responsible for the shortage.

Try your Crusader allies, who wrecked the original power system in the 1990s and then caused chaos 2003-present

The fact that you are unable to set up a 19th century invention,
shows that you are not only evil but incompetent as well.

Satan: "Bow to the Cross and I'll give you 24 hour electricity."

Iraqi Shiite: "Actually, I am willing to do so for just 30 minutes of electricity a day."

Satan: "Really? Wow."

Don Cox said...

The insurgents didn't do the original damage, but they did delay the repairs. Also, there was much theft of cables.
A modern electricity system is much more than a 19C invention, just as a modern car is more sophisticated than a 1990s car.
The actual arrangement with local generators, whose owners sell power to a small neighborhood, is more like the 19C arrangements.

It is worth remembering that Iraqis pay little or nothing for what electricity they do get from the state - the demand is not so much for power, which can be bought from local generators, as for free power. Many people in Europe spend more on electricity than they do on food.

None of this excuses the bad management of the Iraqi government.

Aton said...


God you're an idiot.

Rana said...

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Bruno said...

I see Aton is less than impressed with Iraq's RECONSTRUCTION.

That is because he is a TRAITOR to the MISSION and ANTI AMERICAN.

He should be ARRESTED ASAP by Homeland Security in case he is a TERRORIST or even worse, a CHEESE EATING SURRENDER MONKEY.

Eliminate this threat!

Anonymous said...


Bruno said...

I agree with you completely, 蔣筱芸. Aton should be strapped to a plank and WATERBOARDED until he confesses his role in the 911 BOMBINGS.

See, even the Chinese know what's what.

Aton's skepticism about the RECONSTRUCTION is extremely SUSPICIOUS!

Aton said...

"Iran: Children appeal for help in saving mother from execution

Woman convicted of having sex with two men who murdered her husband sentenced to death by stoning. Her children write letter distributed in nine languages in desperate bid to save her life"


Bruno said...

I see that Aton is hitting RAPE PORN now. Surely it is time that HOMELAND SECURITY got hold of this obvious TERRORIST THREAT and confined him for his own good to some or other gulag? This man revealed his COMMIE LEANINGS when he expressed doubt about the RECONSTRUCTION. Clearly he must be dealt with!

Aton said...

"Israel Attacks Gaza Summer Camp For The Kids"


Aton said...

Bruno, no one cares what you baboons think.

Maury said...

Nothing in the video suggested Israel attacked the camp Aton. Why would Israeli's invade Gaza to attack a kid's summer camp anyway?

Anonymous said...

Hello Iraqi Mojo

My name Rana I'm from Indonesia. I'm studying International Study and I might need your opinion as an Iraqi about public facility in iraq. Please kindly contact me at missranabella@hotmail.com
Thank you.

6/26/10 9:43 AM


Now hes sending messages to himself.

Aton said...

Maury, I was joking. Arab Jarab attacked the kids camp.

Bruno said...

I see that in addition to ATON expressing doubt about the RECONSTRUCTION, he is now posting slanderous articles about 'merika's bestest buddy ISRAEL. Surely he must by now be branded a TRAITOR TO AMERICA as well as a CHEESE EATING SURRENDER MONKEY who deserves the attentions of the Department of Homeland Security ASAP.

He needs to be ARRESTED for TREASON and slammed into GITMO after an extensive CAVITY SEARCH for them alleged WMD.




Bruno said...


Maury said...

I miss all your spam predicting the imminent demise of amreeka Bruno. Not browsing the Communist Workers of the World Unite anymore? Surely you can quote some fruitcake opining on amreekan hegemony collapsing along with the dollar. Don't give up all hope just yet Bruno. When bin Laden gets his mobility scooter, amreeka is in deep doo doo.

Bruno said...

Maury, you're right!

It's been a while since I posted something on the subject. So here you are:

"What Event Could Trigger a Dollar Collapse?:

Altogether, foreign countries own $2.4 trillion in U.S. Treasuries. If China, Japan or other major holders started dumping dollars on the secondary market, this could cause a panic leading to collapse. China owns $800 billion in U.S. Treasuries. That's because China pegs its currency, the yuan, to the dollar. This keeps the prices of its exports to the U.S. relatively cheap. Japan owns $750 billion in Treasuries, also keeping its currency, the yen, low to stimulate exports to the U.S. Japan is trying to move out of a 15 year deflationary cycle. (Source: U.S. Treasury, Major Foreign Holders of Treasury Securities)

China and Japan Can, But Won't, Trigger a Dollar Collapse:

Would China and Japan ever really do this? Only if they saw their holdings declining in value too fast AND they had another market to sell their products to. Right now the economies of Japan and China are dependent on U.S. consumers. They know that if they sell their dollars, their products will cost more in the U.S., and their economies will suffer. Right now, it is still in their best interest to hold onto their dollar reserves.


Is a Dollar Collapse Imminent?:

Fortunately, it is highly unlikely that the dollar will collapse. That is because no one who has the power to make that happen - China, Japan and other foreign dollar-holders - wants it to happen. It is not in their best interest. Why bankrupt your best customer? Instead, the dollar will probably continue to decline gradually, as these countries slowly find other markets"


(Increased military spending + declining currency = BAD)

Bruno said...

And here's the obligatory article on Gold:



Bruno said...

I agree with 蕙春蕙春.

ATON really is a RUSSIAN DOUBLE AGENT bent on undermining THE MISSION.

He should be clapped in ZIPLOCKS and HOODED by America's bravest heroes, post haste.

His doubt about the RECONSTRUCTION is a dead giveaway.

Well said, 蕙春蕙春!

Bruno said...

A little something to warm the cockles of Maury's heart:


Bruno said...

Unfortunately ATON lacks the power of self reflection. Unfortunately he has squandered whatever wisdom has passed his way on UNDERMINING THE MISSION!

He is clearly ANTI AMERICAN.

He must be stopped before his CHEESE EATING SURRENDER MONKEY ways become passed on to the rest of the American populace.

Clearly HOMELAND SECURITY needs to ARREST ATON and find the WMD hidden up his ARSE.

He is a DOUBTER.

Long live AMERICA!



Maury said...

"Altogether, foreign countries own $2.4 trillion in U.S. Treasuries."

Which helps explain why we only get 1% interest on our savings accounts Bruno. A 10-year CD fetches a whopping 2.5% rate. Maybe if those foreign countries were kind enough to "dump" those treasuries, we could get over 3%.

"China and Japan Can, But Won't, Trigger a Dollar Collapse"

How? By dumping their 20% stake in the federal debt? Pension and mutual funds would gobble that up overnight. Debt auctions are too over-subscribed these days, and we'd all be better off if the Chinese would invest elsewhere.

Maury said...

"Instead, the dollar will probably continue to decline gradually, as these countries slowly find other markets"

The dollar index is up 20% in the last 20 months. Not exactly anchors away, eh Bruno?

Maury said...


Bruno said...

LOL, Maury needs a little economic education. So now he thinks the US will be better off DISCOURAGING investors?

Uh, OK.

And, Aton needs the Homeland Security Anal Probe post haste.

Dolly said...

I've always admired successful people, but here we have a situation that the most violent advocates of American "greatness" are lower caste.

You are more likely to hear pro-war talk and hateful slurs from a broke American, than from Mark Cuban or George Soros.

So I think it's disgusting how losers try to leech off other people's success. "Hey I'm broke but America is the #2 economy in the world, so Let's Roll!"

No, let's instead establish that you are nothing.

Maury said...

"So now he thinks the US will be better off DISCOURAGING investors?"

Depends on the individuals situation Bruno. Someone buying a home is probably tickled pink that foreign countries are so attracted to US Treasuries. A 30-year mortgage can be had for 4.7%. Rates have never been lower. Not in the 18th century. Or the 19th or 20th century. It's pretty damn funny that you're wishing for a dollar collapse, when invester interest in the dollar has never been higher.

Millions of senior citizens depend on their life savings to supplement retirement income. Thanks to the foreign countries scrambling to purchase treasuries, those people earn diddly squat on their savings. They would LOVE for the Chinese to invest elsewhere.

Maury said...

"No, let's instead establish that you are nothing."

Even a homeless, broke-ass drunk is head and shoulders above you Dolly. Dog shit can't look down its nose at ANYBODY.

Aton said...

"lower caste"

you are Arab Jarab.

Aton said...

happy 4th everyone. God bless America!

Bruno's Burning Anus said...

A little anus-burner for Bruno Terre Blanche.

Senators John McCain, R-Arizona, Joe Lieberman, I-Connecticut, and Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, spoke to reporters at a news conference during their visit [to Baghdad] Saturday.

Vice President Joe Biden also arrived in Iraq Saturday to celebrate the July 4 holiday with U.S. troops.

“Baghdad to us now is a very different city than when we first came here,” Lieberman said. “It’s thriving, it’s clean, there’s growth going on, it’s great to see.”

McCain echoed those sentiments, noting that the delegation was able to walk through downtown Baghdad to a bakery.

Graham added, “What’s happened in three years is amazing.”


Bruno's Burning Anus said...

Meanwhile, U.S. troops in Iraq are working on their hobbies because there are hardly any insurgents left to fight:

"It's been hard to get used to how much things have changed," says Army Staff Sgt. Wayne Kersh, 31, of St. George, Utah, who is on his third deployment in Iraq. "During the other tours, we were always going. You went on patrol, you ate, you slept, and then you did it again. You never had to think about keeping a soldier occupied."

Bruno's Burning Anus said...

Passing the time

Sgt. Neil Gussman, 56, came to Iraq knowing that deployments can be filled with torturously slow periods waiting for something to happen.

In Iraq, he was surprised to see few soldiers reading for pleasure, so he started two book clubs. One, called Beyond Narnia, reviews essays by C.S. Lewis, who wrote the children's series, The Chronicles of Narnia. Lewis' religious themes have made the club popular with chaplains here at Adder, Gussman says.

The other club, the Dead Poets Society, is reading the works of Dante and Virgil. At one recent meeting, soldiers debated the notion of romantic love, a concept that Gussman argues was first introduced in Virgil's Aeneid.

The soldiers discussed whether marrying for love was logical, and whether some of the Iraqis they've met have it better through their arranged marriages, Gussman says.

"When I asked if any of them wanted the group to arrange a marriage for them, there weren't any takers," Gussman jokes.

While the book clubs are heady endeavors, Chief Warrant Officer John Dorman might have them outdone.

The former helicopter pilot is using his spare time to teach himself calculus and advanced geometry. His office is littered with origami figures he's made to study the tetrahedron, math textbooks and a white board covered with formulas and diagrams unrelated to his job as a human resources administrator in Iraq.


Bruno's Burning Anus said...

BTW, Aton, keep up the good work in goading Bruno Terre Blanche to keep commenting here rather than spending his empty life in the 'Healing Iraq' blog with the Italian baboon. These Afrikaners have a short fuse, so with any luck he'll have a stroke.

Aton said...

Down with Political Islam!

Bruno said...

[asshole] "Senators John McCain, R-Arizona, Joe Lieberman, I-Connecticut, and Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, spoke to reporters at a news conference during their visit [to Baghdad] Saturday."

ROTFLMAO! The latest dose of American propaganda, straight from the folks that write it. Why, how could we miss that?

[asshole] "says Army Staff Sgt. Wayne Kersh, 31, of St. George, Utah"

GEE, yet another Amreeki. As everybody knows, the most lying, discredited sources of information on anything Iraqi.

[asshole] "Sgt. Neil Gussman"

You're joking, right?

No, actually I don't think so.

You really do imagine that the opinions of American soldiers and politicians on the state of Iraq mean anything more that a fetid dog turn rotting in the sun. LOL. You people are beyond gullible.

Bruno said...

Iraq today:

"It is hard to imagine that any new government in Iraq could be counted as “fast” four months after the vote, and the prospect of a “peaceful” transition after multiple assassinations, political arrests and months of rising violence seems increasingly remote. Even the notion of a unity government is looking increasingly unlikely, as the three major political blocs are each demanding their own favorite choice be given the prime ministership under such an arrangement.

Biden made a similar prediction of imminent progress in the war during a visit last year, a claim he insists has been vindicated despite the rising violence. He added that every time he visits the nation it “keeps getting better.”

Vice President Biden may not have noticed, during his brief visit, that sectarian violence is on the rise and political infighting is tearing the nation apart."


Bruno said...

Iraq today:

"A female suicide bomber blew herself up at the entrance to government offices in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi on Sunday killing at least four people, an interior ministry official said. The attack comes amid a surge in violence which in past weeks has swept the province of Anbar and its capital Ramadi, shattering a long period of relative calm in what was once the epicentre of Al-Qaeda activity and Sunni insurgency. "At least four people were killed and 23 others wounded, including women and children,"


Bruno said...


"Iraq is torn by oppression and anger. Poverty is rampant and severer than any other part of the world. The corruption of its rulers and those holding the rein of power and meddling in the Iraqis’ bread and butter is so disgraceful that it has turned into a stigma of shame not only for the country but the world at large.

Look at Iraqi children and babies and the reports about their being exposed to banned weapons and white phosphorus. What about late night knocks on the door which instill fear into peaceful families.

They commit horrible crimes under the pretext of combating terrorism. And what about the warring political factions who, in their struggle for power, shed the blood of innocent people with total impunity.

This is the picture of the fires of hell which the Iraqis have been suffering from since the 2003-U.S. invasion.

And as if this is not enough. The whole country is out electricity apart from the Provinces of Arbil and Sulaimaniya as well as the Green Zone."


Bruno said...

Soon, however, the assorted assholes and morons that infest this place will be back with real news invented by some hick in Alabama, telling us what they think is going on in that Eye-raak place.

Maury said...

"A female suicide bomber blew herself up "

Oh yeah, that insurgency is raging Bruno. What's next, yapping chihuahua's lobbed into the green zone?

Aton said...

bruno, one day you are going to have to release your mouth from your mothers nipple.

Bruno said...

Let's see a suicide bomber hit an American shopping mall. The bitching and screaming will last for years. Y'all will be running like ants.

Of course, it's just Iraqis that got killed this time and if a bunch of them gets wiped out, its no biggie, right?

Bruno said...

Oh, I see Aton attempted to make a funny.

Gosh, not doing very well, are you?

(Then again, I shouldn't be so hard on the 'special' folks. Poor Aton. *claps one hand for him*)