Sunday, June 13, 2010

Iraq is least peaceful country in 2010

Again Iraq has been ranked the least peaceful country. In the Middle East, Israel and Lebanon are ranked right behind Iraq, being 2nd and 3rd least peaceful in the ME. This surprises me, as it did last year, because Israel and Lebanon seem to be such peaceful countries compared to Iraq.

I found this to be interesting: "The notion of peace and its value are poorly understood. There are competing definitions of peace, and most research into peace is, in fact, the study of violent conflict. Peace is not a subject of study that is considered essential in Economics, History, Literature, Political Sciences or International Relations."

It's true: peace is essential in order to have a robust economy, and Iraq has not seen peace in decades. Neither have Israel or Lebanon, I suppose, but in both countries the violence seems to have peaked long ago, hopefully.

The five least peaceful countries are Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Pakistan. In all five countries the sectarian violence, much of it perpetrated by Wahhabi militants and other Islamic fundamentalists, is clear. Israel is ranked 6th.


Joel Wing said...

Mojo some of their criteria for ranking a country were military spending, relations with other countries and internal conflicts. Obviously Israel has the Palestinian problems, a massive defense budget, terrorism, occasional rocket attacks, and poor relations with its neighbors all of which would've given it low marks. Lebanon has Hezbollah and Syrian meddling, which again would mark down its score. When you think least peaceful you think they must mean there's fighting going on, but that was only one criteria.

Anonymous said...

Iraq was very peaceful before the US invaded and occupied it.

And anyone who welcomed the invasion (about 2.5 percent of Iraqis) do not deserve peace. They deserve hell and hell they will get. If you still support the US occupation than I hope you never see peace.

Iraq will never see peace before it is returned to its owners and the occupation ends, and the collaborators are arrested and put on trial and hanged. Then there will be peace. And until then we should not want peace.

And if you had any shame you would not refer to the zionist entity as Israel.

Go to hell
and take israel and your sistani with you

Anonymous said...

America = violence
zionism = violence
occupation = violence
colonialism = violence

Resistance is a right and resistance leading to liberation is a pre condition for peace.

Anonymous said...

Did you say the Resistance? Are you talking about your faggot terrorist buddies?

Islam = violence
Sharia = tyranny

Toady said...


The "anonymous" types are really degrading the quality of this blog. If people want to argue intelligently over the occupation, that is one thing. But there's just too many idiots yammering from their assholes instead of their brains.

I'd start deleting posts or removing access for some of these people.

Dolly said...

Anonymous said:
"Islam = violence"

You should have a war on islam then. Oh wait, you do.

Don Cox said...

"Iraq was very peaceful before the US invaded and occupied it."

Iran-Iraq war?

Aton said...

"U.S. Identifies Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan"

Aton said...

"U.S. Identifies Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan"

Aton said...

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FuckEveryoneHere said...

"U.S. Identifies Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan"

6/14/10 6:19 AM

Oh no! I guess that means the US will now have to keep liberating the fucking shit out of these people. How many more Afghans will the use kill after this discovery? How much more important will it be to "establish democracy" and "stability" in Afghanistan?

I can hear it now..."we have a mineral, ooops, we meant moral responsiblity to help the afghans and we are not living "until the job is done"


Aton said...


Why would you want Afghans to live in poverty?

What did they ever do to you?

Anonymous said...

This politically correct "Peace" evaluation system must give NO points for dead Negros, or Congo would have collected the Gold,Silver, and Bronze metals from the Devil himself.

Bruno said...

Aton and his friends will help Afghans "not to live in poverty". He will ensure that Afghanistan is looted of its mineral wealth, while its inhabitants will be turned into slaves and prostitutes. Its the merkin way.