Tuesday, November 10, 2009

America's plot to "divide and conquer" the Arabs

After more than 1,100 suicide bombers have blown themselves up among Iraqis since the end of Saddam's tyranny, and as Arab dictators continue to imprison and kill their own people to maintain power, and as Saudi Arabia bombs Shia rebels in Yemen, I still hear Arabs claiming that America's desire is to see the Arabs disunited. The "divide and conquer" logic drives their argument.

Bush Sr. did say in 1990 that one country will not be allowed to have control over so much oil. Preventing one Arab country from gaining control of the majority of the world's oil reserves may have served the interests of an America that would do anything to avoid another oil embargo like the one that plunged America into recession in 1973. But to assert that America actually wants to divide the Arabs and to suggest that America actively prevents unity between the Arabs is to ignore history. There has not been unity between the Arabs for decades. Most suicide bombers in Iraq have been Sunni Arabs, and some of them grew up near occupied Palestine all their lives. It seems that if America wants to see the Arabs disunited, the Arabs themselves have been aiding America's plot, if it exists.

Iraq Pundit describes what some Arabs believe to be the real purpose of the recently passed Iraqi election law: "So there you go. It's a nefarious plan to prevent the noble Arabs and Muslims, you know, the ones who currently get along so well with each other, from uniting and becoming a significant player on the world stage. It's easy to choose to believe this theory and sit back and enjoy the role of the powerless victim. But it doesn't have to be that way."

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