Saturday, November 14, 2009

Angry Arab speaks for Iraqis

The Arab American professor in California who claimed that Sistani is one of the two people most responsible for sectarian conflict in the Middle East, comments on a Ynet article about an Israeli-born engineer who befriends Iraqis:

Ynet: "Shapira said he connected more with the Iraqis than with the Americans that he worked with: "Our mentality is much more similar to theirs than the Americans. When I left they really cried. Even now, after I left, we still talk through Skype."

Angry Arab: 'Ha. They said the same about the Lebanese back in 1982. They thought that the Lebanese will be their friends forever. Ha. In your dreams (and my nightmares) o Zionists.'

So there you have it: Iraqis will never be friends of Israelis, according to the Lebanese American professor in California. It's clear enough that the Arabs in general would rather see Iraqis living in miserable conditions forever than seeing Iraqis befriending Israelis and allowing Israelis to help them rebuild their country. These are our Arab "brothers". It makes me sad.

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