Thursday, October 04, 2007

Salt less than 15 miles from Palestinian border

I have been re-reading the last few chapters of Vali Nasr's The Shia Revival and I transcribed and posted the first part of the chapter titled The Battle For The Middle East, which is, among other things, about the men of Salt and their 'jihad' in Iraq. This may have been the last of Shia Revival posts. I encourage you to read the book for yourself. I was curious where Salt is relative to Amman, and it actually lies to the northwest of Amman, not to the north as Nasr wrote. I noticed that Salt is just more than 10 miles east of the Palestinian border. It amazes me that the deranged sons of Salt traveled about 500 miles to the east in order to kill Iraqis and Americans, considering they have lived a few miles from occupied Palestine all their worthless lives.

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