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Diplomats attacked in Iraq since 2003

I list of high profile attacks on foreign diplomats in Iraq since 2003.

A list of some of the diplomats attacked in Iraq

The Associated Press

Here is a glance at some attacks on foreign diplomats in Iraq.

_ Oct. 3, 2007: Polish ambassador Gen. Edward Pietrzyk suffers burns when his convoy was ambushed in Baghdad's Karradah neighborhood. The ambassador's bodyguard was killed, along with two Iraqi civilians, while 11 people, including four Polish security guards, were wounded.

_ Jan. 2007: Russian embassy in Baghdad was sprayed with gunfire, drawing Russian demands that Iraqi authorities and U.S.-led coalition forces do more to protect Russian diplomatic staff and property in Iraq.

_ Dec. 2006: A Turkish diplomat, Ozcan Sahin, was shot and injured in the garden of the Turkish embassy in Baghdad. The bullet was lodged close to his kidneys and the diplomat was airlifted home for surgery.

_ Sept. 2006: A vehicle carrying Japan's acting ambassador to Iraq, Satoshi Ashiki, was hit by a bullet near the Japanese embassy in Baghdad, but there were no injuries.

_ May 2006: A diplomat from the United Arab Emirates was kidnapped and released after two weeks.

_ Jan. 2006: A convoy carrying Turkey's ambassador to Iraq, Unal Cevikoz, was hit by machine gunfire as it sped through western Baghdad, damaging some vehicles but causing no injuries.

_ Oct. 2005: Two Moroccan embassy workers were abducted and later killed.

_ July 2005: Egyptian envoy in Baghdad, Ihab al-Sherif, was kidnapped and killed in Baghdad. Al-Qaida in Iraq later said it killed the diplomat because Egypt intended to install a full ambassador in Iraq.

_ July 2005: Algerian charge d'affaires, Ali Belaroussi, and another diplomat, Azzedine Belkadi, were kidnapped. Al-Qaida in Iraq announced the following week they had been killed.

_ July 2005: A convoy carrying Pakistan's ambassador, Mohammed Younis Khan, was attacked by gunmen in the Mansour district of the Iraqi capital, but the diplomat was not injured.

_ July 2005: Bahrain's top envoy in Iraq, Hassan Malallah al-Ansari, was wounded when attackers tried to abduct him on his way to work in Baghdad.

_ Jan 2005: A suicide bomber detonated a truck outside the Australian embassy, injuring two Australian soldiers and killing two Iraqis.

_ Nov. 2003: Two Japanese diplomats were shot and killed in an ambush near Tikrit.

_ Aug. 2003: A blast at the Jordanian Embassy was the first major car bombing in Baghdad after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Nineteen people were killed and al-Qaida in Iraq claimed responsibility for the attack.

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