Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Foreigners fighting for AQI

Today's photo: List of foreigners fighting for al-Qaeda in Iraq


These images show documents that the U.S. military says it obtained after killing a senior member of al-Qaeda in Iraq. The one of the left is said to show a list of foreigners who entered the country to carry out "martyrdom" operations, while the one on the right is described as a biographical entry for one such foreign recruit.

The images were released earlier today by the Pentagon during a briefing on the death of Abu Usama al-Tunisi, an al-Qaeda in Iraq leader who they described as the emir of foreign fighters.

"Following the strike, ground forces secured the area and continued to collect evidence at the scene. One item that was found was a handwritten letter believed to be written by Tunisi," Brig. Gen. Joseph Anderson says. "The key points in this handwritten note include: he's surrounded, communications have been cut, and he is desperate for help. This was a dangerous terrorist who is no longer part of al-Qaeda in Iraq. His death deals a significant blow to their operation. He was a foreigner who brought al Qaeda terrorists into Iraq."

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