Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why are so many Republicans so stupid?

I've heard a lot of Republicans complaining lately. Protesting over higher taxes, 3% higher for Americans who make more than $250k a year. That would be 39%, about 10% lower than Reagan's tax rate for that income bracket. Under Eisenhower the tax rate was 90% for high income Americans - I haven't verified these numbers, so please correct me if I'm wrong. Nobody called Eisenhower or Reagan a socialist. I hate hypocrisy.

This Congresswoman is trying to sound smart, but ends up sounding stupid, saying carbon dioxide is natural, so I guess it must be a good thing, not harmful! CO2 is wrongly portrayed as a bad gas, dammit. She says carbon dioxide is just 3% of the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide actually comprises just 0.03% (three hundredths of a percent), not 3% - she was off by a factor of 100.

and another one, reminding me how fundamentalist Muslims think.

These are members of the US Congress???

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