Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rationalizing Ethnic Cleansing on Israel's B-day

I have argued before that occupation is not necessarily the problem, that injustice during occupation is the problem. Palestine was occupied for centuries before the Zionist influx, and yet Palestinians were not dispossessed during those many centuries of British, Ottoman, and Arab rule. Here I will argue that statelessness is not necessarily the problem, but the injustice that happens during statelessness is the problem. In this article a Zionut attempts to rationalize the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, to make room for a Jewish state, and says that seeking to establish a Palestinian state is an: "Anti-Semitic trick":

'The Kurds, for example, a people boasting a rich history and numbering 25 million souls, are forced to get by without a state of their own. The Basques, Catalonians, Corsicans, and Scots also have no state. Even the Native Americans, Flemish, the Copts and the Maronites have no state. Therefore, it is quite odd that it is precisely the absence of a Palestinian state that preoccupies the international community and the Israeli consciousness.

But in fact, it’s not so odd. The demand for the establishment of a Palestinian state, speaking of the recent Durban II conference, is another type of anti-Semitic trick against us. With all the giant states in the Middle East, it is the Jewish State that is required to share with the Palestinians the little territory that we have. Instead of our neighboring countries crowding a little more in favor of their repressed brethren, we are the only ones required to make do with less territory.

All the archeological and biblical findings prove that we were here much before them, yet the contemporary narrative insists on equality of historical rights between us.'

Apparently the Palestinians must move to other Arab lands, and Arab countries must accept them and not complain. Otherwise we are anti-Semitic. Apparently he doesn't realize that Basques, Catalonians, Corsicans, and Scots are represented proportionally in the governments that rule them, that they have not been subjected to ethnic cleansing and their land has not been stolen from them.

This is a good example of how some right wing Zionists try to justify their destruction of Palestine. It is hasbara at its worst. It is injustice that many Americans support or would rather ignore. The Palestinians have been occupied and stateless before the Zionuts expelled most of them from their homes. But this is Israel's "manifest destiny" and we must accept it whether we like it or not. It makes me sick.

Thanks tgia for posting the article.

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