Saturday, January 03, 2009

"wainkum ya 3arab?!?!?!"

Yesterday I was watching Al Jazeera coverage of the Israeli bombing of Ghaza, and I saw a Palestinian woman yelling "wainkum ya 3arab?!" (where are you, oh Arabs?) at the camera. Today I found the answer, posted by an American Jew named Molly: the Arab "mujahideen" are too busy killing Iraqis. Also, the Gulfie Arabs are too busy collecting money owed to them by Iraq. These tasks take time and resources, the Palestinians should know.

Update (1/5/09): Another suicide bombing in Iraq. The Arab masses will begin to protest these suicide bombings very soon, I am sure of it.

Iraq suicide bombing kills at least 36
Usama Redha,Kimi Yoshino, Los Angeles Times
Monday, January 5, 2009

(01-05) 04:00 PST Baghdad --

As Shiite Muslim pilgrims made their way to a holy shrine in Baghdad on Sunday to mark one of the sect's most important religious holidays, a female suicide bomber detonated her explosives at a crowded checkpoint, killing at least three dozen people and wounding 72, Iraqi police said.

It was one of the capital's worst attacks in months and the second major bombing in the predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Kazimiyah since Dec. 27, when a minibus exploded, killing 24.

Iraqi army and police put the deaths at 38, although the prime minister's National Operations Center said it was 36. Conflicting reports on the number of dead and wounded are common in Iraq in the chaotic aftermath of attacks.

At least one report from the Health Ministry said the dead included 17 Iranian pilgrims, seven of whom were women. Seven Iraqi women were also killed by the blast, which sent shrapnel hurtling across the crowded square.


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