Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Layla Anwar has written about stress and given a few examples of stress experienced by Iraqis. I thought I would add a few examples that she may not be aware of:

Stress is when your entire family is jailed for four miserable years by Saddam's Mukhabarat because a family member decided to flee Saddam's army.

Stress is watching your mother beheaded by Fedai'yye Saddam in front of the neighbors.

Stress is being raped by Uday Hussein and later being told on a blog that the rape didn't happen.

Stress is being tortured to death because you did not memorize the license plate of the car used by assailants who tried to kill the rapist and murderer Uday Hussein.

Stress is having to deal with your husband and son disappearing and later discovering that they were murdered by Saddam's filthy regime.

Stress is being an Iraqi Shi3i who's accused of being Iranian in a country run by a Sunni Arab dictator and being arrested by the Mukhabarat and escorted to the Iranian border, from where you had to walk through a mine-infested desert in order to reach safety.

Stress is watching your husband and son shot to death in your home because they are Shi3a.

Iraqis have been stressed for decades, sadly.

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