Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Konfused Kid has recently published a post in which he basically says that much of my blog is filled with half truths.

Kid writes Iraqi Mojo says he has no homicidal hatred of Sunnis, as he says when he met Sunni Arabs, the way you would speak when you explore a new species in the Amazons: "I have met Sunni Arabs and they are really nice." That's quite lovely of him, but even though Mojo occasionally talks about Muqtada al-Sadr's antics or his lack of love for Shia theocracy, they don't seem to be much of his concern, he rarely posts about them, if at all. For the curious American bystander who is curious to learn about how to get the hell out of Iraq, Iraq's problem, viewed through his blog is one long wail against the solitary horrors and evils of al-Qaeda, Wahhabiya, Saudi Arabia, the Arab Jarab (a term he often uses) and just about everything else you would expect a self-respecting Shia to hate, either intentionally or not, and all of which are, incidentally, the evil creations of the same very nice Sunni Arabs brothers.

I thought I defended myself pretty well in his comments section, and in one comment I wrote "I disagree that the horrors and evils of Al Qaeda are the evil creations of the same Sunni Arab brothers that I've met and befriended. No, actually, my Sunni Arab friends hate what Al Qaeda has done. I think that a majority of Sunni Arabs hate Al Qaeda. I remember an incident I read about in Ramadi, in which Al Qaeda wanted to expel and/or murder Shia residents of the town. The Sunni Arab tribal leaders of Ramadi organized a posse to defend their Shia neighbors against the impending evils of the Wahhabi scum."

In the comments of IBC's latest post, Kid addressed my responses: but please read your blog and see how many posts have you made about the "filthy Wahhabi scum", "the Baathists", and the "Arab Jarab" So would you feel comfortable with a blog that is bascially one long rant against the "Saffavid Scum", "The Fire-Worshipping Iranians" and the "Sons of Mut3a" with an occasional one or two posts praising Shiite seculars like Iyad Jamal al-Din? The truth is terrible.

I guess it depends in what context one would use "Saffavid Scum". Can Saffavids even be compared to Wahhabis? Do Iranians actually worship fire? Do any Iraqi Shia worship fire?? Are all Shia males sons of Mut3a (temporary marriage)? Are ANY Shia males sons of temporary marriage, and if so, is this a bad thing? I responded with the following comment:

'OK, I searched for "Wahhabi scum" and this is what I found:

Wahhabi scum: Two posts that I will never apologize for. In the first post I said "Iraq is being terrorized by the people who LOVED Saddam and the Al Qaeda scum buckets who seek to destroy any hope for democracy in Iraq. Saddam was a piece of shit, and so are the people who love(d) him. So are the Wahhabi scum of earth who believe that Shi'a are infidels and deserve to be murdered." Do I blame all Sunni Arabs? No. Do all Sunni ARabs love(d) Saddam? I don't think so. Please correct me if you believe I'm wrong.

In the second post I wrote "The people who murder Shi'a just for being Shi'a must be the Wahhabi scum from outside Iraq - I cannot imagine that even Ba'thists would commit these kinds of crimes." Hmmm, seems that once again I'm not blaming all Sunni Arabs, and in fact I stated that I cannot imagine that even Ba3thists would commit these kinds of crimes.

I also searched for jarab - it gives just one post in which I wrote "Today my uncle referred to the 'Arab Jarab' (jarab means 'scab'), which reminded me of a recent post by Baghdad Treasure, in which he laments the treatment of Iraqis by Arab countries like Jordan and Syria. Konfused Kid has also reported that undercover Jordanian security forces have been questioning Iraqis to find out if they are staying in Jordan longer than their visas allow."

I admit that I've used (maybe abused) the term "jarab" in my comments section and the comments section of Angry Arab, usually in heated debate, but I have also distinguished between good Arabs and jarab. There IS a difference. I wish I saved a comment I left on Angry Arab a couple weeks ago in which I gave a bunch of examples of jarab, including Zarqawi, Usama bin Ladin, Yusuf al Qaradawi, and even Muqtada al Sadr. Again, most Arabs are not jarab.

I also searched for "Baathists" and nearly crashed my computer, but I don't understand why the use of this term would be offensive. My father is a former Baathist - he had to be in order to work in the Oil Ministry. The hardcore Baathists who still express their love for Saddam can stay in Amman and Damascus forever. That would be nice:)'

It seems that Konfused Kid really is confused! Do I blame all Sunni Arabs? I don't think so. Do you think so? Are all Sunni Arabs Wahhabi scum? Are all Sunni Arabs Baathists? Are all Arabs jarab? My family and I are Arab, after all.

PS: if there is such a thing as "Safavid scum", have they ever blown up a market place?

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