Monday, December 17, 2007

John McCain

I like John McCain. He has always called for more troops in Iraq, "he staked out fierce opposition to the use of torture on terror suspects, and unusually for a Republican candidate, called for a serious effort to tackle global warming" and he is honest. I do not agree with his views on abortion, but he has always been right about Iraq and has never been afraid to criticize Bush and team for their mistakes in Iraq.

Today semi-liberal Joe Lieberman endorsed McCain, and even the left-leaning Boston Globe has good things to say about him: "McCain has strongly supported the current war in Iraq, including the troop surge. Yet the Arizona senator has never been an uncritical booster of President Bush's policies. Early on, he accurately predicted that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld wasn't sending enough troops to maintain order after Saddam Hussein fell. Today, he straightforwardly acknowledges the fragility of the Iraqi government and the corruption that pervades that country. He understands that US failures in Iraq, along with President Bush's torpid response to Hurricane Katrina, have damaged the nation's credibility abroad and at home."

I have never voted Republican, but I just might vote for John McCain.

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