Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Humans are not causing climate change?

Just when I thought that everybody - scientists and politicians - agree that humans are contributing to global warming, along comes somebody who believes that global warming is not caused by humans.  Today Al Gore urged the US and China, the world's two biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, to do something about global warming, while a group of skeptical scientists, led by Lord Christopher Monckton, a UK climate researcher, urged the world to do NOTHING.
"Climate change is a non problem. The right answer to a non problem is to have the courage to do nothing," Monckton told participants of the UN Global Warming Conference in Bali
Apparently Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma agrees that we should do nothing.  The Senate is putting together a bill that aims to limit the emissions of greenhouse gases in the US, but Inhofe has voted to fight it.  Inhofe has argued before that "much of the debate over global warming is predicated on fear, rather than science." How embarrassing for Infhofe and people who agree with him.  As the world's climate changes before our eyes, I cannot believe there are people who are still denying that humans are causing global warming and suggesting that we do nothing about it. 
There is a group on facebook called "Actually, global warming is a bigger problem than Iraq."  As much as I care about Iraq, I agree that global warming is more important to the long term health of our planet than Iraq. 

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