Friday, December 29, 2006

Your Luck Has Fallen, Saddam Hussein

I wasn't going to write about the imminent execution of Saddam Hussein, but then I looked through some photos I downloaded during the invasion in 2003, and the photos reveal how happy the Iraqis were after it was clear that Saddam's government had collapsed. Of course many innocent people were killed in the process, and I have many photos of dead and wounded Iraqis, but here I want to display a small collection of photos that I found interesting, to remind the world that yes, the Iraqis for the most part were happy when Saddam's regime was ended, they were happy when Saddam was captured, and they will be happy now to see him executed. My mother told me last night that they should have done this as soon as they captured him. Indeed, if he had been captured by Iraqis, Saddam could not have lasted more than a few hours. I was glad to see him given a trial, as imperfect as it was, but Iraqis like my mother believe that fewer Iraqis would have been murdered if he was killed immediately after capture.

As some Iraqis like to say, tah hadhek Abu Uday (your luck has fallen, Abu Uday)!

Downloaded April 7, 2003

Downloaded April 13, 2003

Downloaded April 9, 2003.

Downloaded April 13, 2003

Downloaded April 09, 2003

Downloaded April 11, 2003

Next I will post some pictures of Iraqis celebrating after the capture of Saddam Hussein.

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