Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Human trafficking is a world wide problem

I received an email from a journalism student and fan of the blog asking me to write a post about his efforts to raise funds for his upcoming project to document human trafficking in Papua New Guinea. When I first read it I thought "human trafficking in Papua New Guinea? Really?" When I think of human trafficking, I think of places like Thailand and Vietnam. Dubai and India. Iraq. Even California. But tiny Papua New Guinea? Yes it is true. As this UN article points out, "Cases are seen in all parts of the world and victims are targeted irrespective of gender, age or background."

Please help Corey's efforts in his project. Good luck Corey!

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Aaron said...

I am an Australian who lives just south of Sydney and yes this is true, There is alot of crime up north in the little nation of PNG, You see, The nation is very poor and the easiest way for people to make money is too steal, rob and because no one really cares for the people up there (which is very disturbing) then people can get away with alot, Even human trafficing, Women, Children and surprisingly even men are being forced into sex slavoury and even slave labour, I have just pledged some money to support Corey on this project, I believe that corey could do alot of good by getting the word out there and hopefully bringing some attention to the country and getting some help from the outside world.
Best of luck, Corey, Please keep me posted on your progress