Sunday, July 22, 2012

Global warming is real and terrifying

More evidence that if humans continue to burn fossil fuels at the current rate, we are headed for global disaster. Germany is the only rich country that seems to be serious about minimizing its carbon output:

"Germany is one of the only big countries that has actually tried hard to change its energy mix; on one sunny Saturday in late May, that northern-latitude nation generated nearly half its power from solar panels within its borders. That's a small miracle – and it demonstrates that we have the technology to solve our problems. But we lack the will. So far, Germany's the exception; the rule is ever more carbon."


Lynnette In Minnesota said...

I have a couple of books you may be interested in reading:

The Weather Makers by Tim Flannery.

This is a nicely detailed look at the causes and the ramifications of global climate change.

The World in 2050 by Laurence Smith.

I am not sure why Amazon doesn't have a synopsis up for this one, but I found it very readable.

Both books paint very scary scenario's for our planet's future. I can understand people not wanting to look at this too closely. But I am seeing things here that point to a change that can't be denied. My parents have always kept a garden, both having grown up on farms, and they are very aware of the growing seasons. If they say something is 2 weeks early, then it is, which is a major change. As a kid growing up in Minnesota I remember maybe 1 or 2 days that reached 90 degrees. Now it's constanct, with very high humidty.

Dolly said...

There's a phenomenon called B.R.A.D. -- Bit Rate Annual Doubling, which means Internet doubles in speed every 12 months.

That means in 40 years, internet speed will be 2 to the power of 40 = 1.09 trillion times faster than today !

So that tells you 2050s will be better than you think, and the usual intuition about 2050 is wrong.