Saturday, March 10, 2012

Killed for wearing American jeans

There are mujrimeen among the Shia in Baghdad, and they kill in the name of Islam:

"Youngsters in Iraq are being stoned to death for having haircuts and wearing clothes that emulate the ‘emo’ style popular among western teenagers.

At least 14 youths have been killed in the capital Baghdad in the past three weeks in what appears to be a campaign by Shia militants.

Militants in Shia neighbourhoods, where the stonings have taken place, circulated lists yesterday naming more youths targeted to be killed if they do not change the way they dress.

Al-Bayaty said the killings appear to have been carried out by extremist Shia militias in mostly poor Shia neighborhoods and said she suspected 'there's complicity of the Ministry of Interior in the killings.'

Photos of the victims were released on Facebook, causing panic and fear among Iraqi students."

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I understand now why so many people believe Iraqis lived better under Saddam.


jnana said...

I saw on Al Sharqiya TV that Syed al Sistani has issued a fatwa in response to this, forbidding the killing of emos.

Like they need a fatwa to stop them, but at least he took a strong position.

Anonymous said...

fake news, yawn

anan said...

Mojo, at least the Najaf Marjeya, GoI and ISF are trying to stop it.

David All said...

Mojo, under Saddam, the only ones you had to fear was the secret police. In today's semi-chaotic Iraq, there are all sorts of extremist militias and terriorist groups, both Shia and Sunni, to fear. I also can understand why plenty of Iraqis believe their lives were better under Saddam

Dolly said...

It probably wasn't better under Saddam, because the salaries woulda been very low. On the order of 9 euros a month during Saddam

Iraqi Mojo said...

anan, what are the GoI and ISF doing to stop it?

“It’s the miltias with the support of the Iraqi government,” he said. “The goverment has declared war on sexual minorities. It’s worse than [Saudi Arabia]. They are trying to rally the streets of Baghdad. Yesterday and the last six or seven days -- we have videos and films of those patrols -- with a megaphone they’re saying, 'If anyone who has any information about anyone who is a pervert, an infidel, part of the homosexual network, you have to declare it or you face consequences.' Anyone who harbors anyone who is, acording o them, an illegal citizen, will face consequences.”

Iraqi Mojo said...

Nouri al Maliki and his "State of Law" coalition is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I can’t tell you how much these happenings in Iraq crush me, Mojo. What message does this send the human race? That we are not all fit for the fundamental dignity of democracy? Was I naïve for once harboring such egalitarian views? What message does this send to liberty lovers and those who could provide it around the world? I can’t believe this is the same Iraq who fought so gallantly, dying in the tens of thousands, to drive out terrorists from Basrah and Anbar and Baghdad, has only to revert to their behavior. They’ve let the entire planet down. They’ve taken an idealistic experiment in universal freedom and smashed it, turning what could have been the birth of a new age of political ideology and thought, where everyone’s interests and liberty could be tied together, and turned it into nothing but the corpse of a child’s fantasy. All I can do is pray somehow Iraq will somehow build up the will to not tolerate this absurdity and somehow use the power of the ballot or pen to put an end to this.

zainy said...

sooo all of ur family in najaf and baghdad ( shia ) are killing youth in iraq ha ???

man i your a good man but sometimes ur the stupidest ...

allah kareem one day u will see whats wrong and whats right.

zainy said...


Iraqi Mojo said...

Islamic fundamentalist Shia are killing Iraqi Shia youth in Baghdad. Get it right, mu6y. Read the article.

Backward 3arab jarab (Sunni and Shia) have made Islam look like a cooky fvcked up religion.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I am a good man you say, zainy? How so? Am I a good man only when I criticize America and Israel?

zainy said...

yalla yallah ... your knowledge is all dust i puff on it, it goes away

your a good man in your way of thinking but its all intoxicated by the zirbanic american media/3arabjarab media

imagine you, aljazeera, al3arabiya, and alsharqia (iraqi fucked up channel owned by ba3thia )said the exact words you said ... mojremeen shia .

instead why dont you say hashimi groups, wahabia, ba3thia, 3arab jarab, or amrecan who doing this and saying we are shia .

the entire fucking world are fighting shia especially america to tell the dump people ohh that we have to invade iran because they are terrorists just what happened in iraq and after a month ohh we are sorry they are good we will help them build their country ...

anan said...

Zainy, the vast majority of the world's more than 5.5 billion nonmuslims have no idea about the difference between Shiites and Sunnis. They aren't at war with Shiites.

This said, many extremist Sunnis [with large exceptions such as Indonesian, Malaysian, Central Asian, Tajik, Uzbek, Kurdish, Sufis, Ahmedis, and other minority Sunnis] are deeply racist against Shiites. That is very, very wrong.

I agree with you that bombing Iran, as the Sunni Arabs and Israel and increasingly Europeans want to do would be a mistake. Better to support the Iranian greens bring freedom and justice to Iran.

An Iran with nuclear weapons wouldn't pose a major threat [the way North Korean and Pakistani nuclear weapons do] if Iran were a free democracy.

Many strongly criticize Takfiri attacks against European, Americans and Russians, but don't say a word when the same Takfiri attack darkie nonmuslims, Sufis, Shiites, and other minority muslims. This is deeply wrong and immoral.

Zainy, in your opinion which countries treat Shiites with respect and justice?
-Afghanistan (minus the viscerally anti Shiite Taliban)?
-America (internally)?

zainy said...

non of the above does because and thanks to the america.

the leader by using the ignorance of the people they rule, they threat shia.

they don't hate shia, they don't even know what are shia. but they just want to ruin this name because it is related with iran, the country that is threatening isreal.

i don't like iran because i am from their but l like it for its justice.

Iraqi Mojo said...

zainy, I said there are mujrimeen among the Shia. I did not say all Shia are mujrimeen.

You like Iran for its justice? It's seems that there is much injustice in Iran too.

The whole world is fighting Shia? Really? You mean the whole world would like to see the Ayatollahs who rule Iran fall from power?

Is your name really zainy?

anan said...

Mojo, according the international public opinion polls, Iran is the most unpopular and disliked country in the world. [In many polls Israel is the second least popular country, although North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and increasingly China also rank very low.]

Perhaps this is what Zainy is referring to. This is deeply wrong. The bad person is Khamanei, not the Iranian people.

Zainy, do you support Sayyed Khamenei? Do you think he really is a Marja? Is he really a scholar of Sharia law or is he a usurper?

What are your views regarding the Quom Marjeya? What do you think about the Najaf Marjeya, including Sayyed Ali Al Sistani, may peace be upon him?

I am surprised that you say there is justice in Iran. Isn't Khamanei unjust? I support the Iranian greens. Dare say perhaps the Iraqi Mojo might as well. Do you?

Regarding why Iran is so unpopular. Part of it is that Arabs hate Persians. Part is that many Sunnis around the world hate Shia. Part of it is that the world as a whole sees Iran as a global sponsor of extremists and terrorists. They see Khamanei make ridiculous absurd statements and think negatively about Iran as a whole.

This is true everywhere, unfortunately. Including China, Russia, Brazil, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia. Much of the reason for this does not involve Israel.

If you noticed the UN is imposing sanctions on Iran.

Iraqi Mojo said...

zainy, why don't you like Al Sharqiya?

jnana's first comment was: "I saw on Al Sharqiya TV that Syed al Sistani has issued a fatwa in response to this, forbidding the killing of emos."

I comment Al Sharqiya for doing that, for reporting the good deed of Al Sistani.