Thursday, March 29, 2012

Iraq is back

Many Iraqis like to think so.

Liz Sly of the WP: "Arab leaders assembled in Baghdad on Thursday for a landmark summit marked by lavish hospitality, speeches hailing Iraq’s return to the Arab fold — and a rocket explosion at the Iranian Embassy on the edge of the fortified Green Zone, where the gathering was taking place.

It was a day full of symbolism for a newly assertive Iraq, anxious to shed its reputation as the region’s outcast, a country too dangerous, too dysfunctional and too tainted by its associations with both Iran and the United States to accomplish anything so ambitious as a summit attended by Arab heads of state."


Anonymous said...


Iraqi Government has managed to slash number of car bombs in Iraqi capital from 6 a day to only 3!

Iraq is Back!

Justice said...

Inshallah, maybe one day anonymous will be blown to bits by a car bomb himself.

anan said...

Justice, could we touch base? Could you e-mail Iraqi Mojo?

Anonymous, you cannot stop the rise of Iraq. If you were smart you would embrace the Iraqis.

Dolly said...

Iraq is now supporting the regime in Syria, which is another proof that Iraq is not a democracy.
I wonder why cow-boi Anand is supporting these undemocratic types like Urine al Maliki.
He has now come out in support of Bashar al Kalb, which proves that this POS Maliki is on the wrong side of every equation.

anan said...

Can't believe I am saying this. But "Bashar al Kalb" is an apt phrase. Congrats on naming that piece of filth well.

Bashar al Assad murdered many Iraqis 2003-2008, including brave soldiers in 2nd, 3rd, 1st and 7th Iraqi Army Divisions.

My hope is that the GoI quietly helps the free Syrian Army win freedom for the Syrian people, even if Iraq is forced to publicly deny its positive role. Unfortunately, Iraq can't do this openly without risking a confrontation with Khamenei. Something the ISF is not yet ready for.

It seems logical for Iraq to avoid a showdown with Khamenei until oil exports per day exceed 5 million barrels and the Iraqi Air Force is further along.