Saturday, July 23, 2011

Norway is a wonderful socialist country

In light of the horrible news about a right wing extremist who mass murdered his fellow Norwegians, including children, I wanted to post this clip from "Sicko", a documentary by Michael Moore. I haven't seen the documentary. I know it got great reviews (except from the right wing media owned by Rupert Murdoch) and I wanted to see it, but I forgot about it. I think tonight I will see it on Netflix, and soon I want to visit Norway!

Thank you Kirk Richards for posting this on facebook!

About the killer: "Another Norwegian news account, as translated by Google, indicated that Breivik harbored anti-Islam sentiment. The report said he identified strongly with nationalism and posted on an anti-Islam right-wing website, where he expressed views in opposition to multiculturalism and internationalism. He also expressed admiration for controversial Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders’s party."


Franky said...

Islam is a complete system that can solve the problems....


I mean Socialism is a complete system that can solve the problems of mankind.

Poor Mojo the Zealot.

Maury said...

Norway has no respect for human life. The most this cretin can be sentenced to is 21 years. What's that, three months per murder? Worse still, he'll probably be out in 7 years, on the grounds he sorely lacks a tan, or some such nonsense.

None of these Socialist paradise's respect human life. The Lockerbie bomber did 8 years(for 270 murders), and was released 2 years ago, because he only had 3 months to live. Guess what? The sick fuck is still living large, and being treated like a rock star back in Libya.

I'll take a State like Louisiana any day. Free housing for low income families, as well as Medicaid and food stamps. BUT, you'll get 99 years for armed robbery, 50 years for aggravated burglary or carjacking, and AT LEAST life in prison for aggravated rape or murder. And, if you receive life in prison, and have only three months to live, you'll do those last three months in Angola's infirmiry.

Maury said...

Thanks for the video Mojo. Now, we can understand his motive for killing 98 people. He just wanted to go to Bostoy Prison. That kind of resort normally runs several hundred per day. At least he'll have to take the ferry into the real world on weekdays. That's some consolation....LOL.

Iraqi Mojo said...

In Norway gun ownership is common; violence and homicide are not

"The nation of about 4.9 million residents reports one of the lowest per-capita homicide rates in Europe."

Anand said...

Maury, please e-mail Mojo.

How is your health. Many of us were very worried by your long absence.

Please stay well.

Maury said...

Mojo, I was speaking of the governments lack of respect for human life. This abomination will be out in society by the age of 53. His beaming face will probably be seen by victims families every day. After all, there have to be hundreds of family members left behind, and Norway isn't such a big country.

The prison spokesman in that video was beaming with pride when he talked about the chainsaw killer getting two more years experience with a chainsaw before his early release. How do you think his victims parents would feel about that? What about his new neighbors? It's pretty damned heartless if you ask me.

Maury said...

Anand, I've entered the last stage, which is coughing and congestion that gets progressively worse. It won't be long now. Especially since I won't be doing the hospice thing, or have my family exposed to the gruesomeness of it all.

I'm at peace with it. Everyone should have some advance warning. It's an opportunity to say things that need to be said, and get the affairs in order. My e-mail is . Feel free to drop me a line.

Anonymous said...

Michael Moore has just shown us that if you take money from the wealthy productive people and give it to the poorer, less productive people, then they will stop committing crime.

Okay Michael Moore, can you give a few million to my community? Oh I forgot, you are a stupid hypocrite who uses capitalism for your own gain and then say capitalism doesn't work so you can make more money.

If Michael Moore really hates America as much as he claims, then why not move to Norway? Because they would take most of your money from you in the form of tax and give it to other people who have done nothing to earn it.

Damn stupid self-righteous liberals.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Michael Moore does not hate America. It's obvious he loves America and wants to show America (and the world) there is a better way. I don't think he hates capitalism either. He's just showing that a little socialism will not hurt, and it will probably help.

Capitalism can work with proper regulation. And there is nothing wrong with socializing healthcare, the oil (energy) industry, and whatever industry that requires regulation. You've heard of the FDA? It's an arm of the government, one we cannot do without, and it is socialism.

Norway is still a capitalist country:

See you can have capitalism and socialism at the same time. Norway has proven that. Norway has the 4th highest GDP per capita in the world:

Norway is "kicking our ass" as Americans would say.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Kicking our ass in terms of GDP per capita, at least. But it has to be said that Norway is a small country with lots of oil, and yet they are not scared of renewable energy.

Dolly said...

What is going on, is Mori in a terminal stage of an illness?

I have some alternative medz if ewe want

Dolly said...

I think Europeans are trying to really rehabilitate people and stop crime at the root, while Americans are more into cruelty per se, so they want to fry folks in the electric chair for fun.
That's why Europe has 40 years maximum and no Capital punishment

Maury said...

Nobody lives forever Dolly. I'll pass on the alternatives. If they worked, they wouldn't be called alternatives.