Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bahraini footballers tortured

"According to a report published in the Australian Saturday via the Times of London, several Bahraini soccer players including stars of the country's national team, were tortured while held in detainment after their arrest by security forces for participating in a protest against Bahrain's ruling Al-Khalifa family in March."

Remember how the Arabs & Muslims reacted to torture and abuse committed by Americans at Abu Ghraib? Apparently the Arabs are against torture only when Americans do it.

Thanks Homam for posting on fb.

PS: Iraq appeals to Bahrain for footballer's release


David All said...

The silence of the US and the other western countries to ongoing repression in Bahrain is in great contrast to the US and NATO position in Libya where NATO is bombing Qaddaffi strongholds to help the rebels. And in Syria where this past weekend the US Ambassador got through security checkpoints to attend Friday's demonstrations in Hama, a center of opposition to the Assad regime. Link to at

Hat tip to Gene at Harry's Place.

Note: Hama was the city in 1982 where Hafez Assad's security forces crushed a Sunni rebellion killing an estimated 20,000 people in little more than two weeks.

Wayne said...

I just wanted to thank you Mojo for keeping us informed. You are one of the few people who post lately. I sure miss a lot of the information previously posted by several people.

Thank you very much. Please continue to keep your blogspot open and post as you have time.


C.H. said...


That is nonsense. Yeah, the US ambassador finally did something and went to Hama, but the US has done next to nothing to help the people of Syria, just like Bahrain. In fact, Dennis Kucinich recently visited Syria...and Hillary Clinton has stated on more than one occasion that American politicians see Assad as a "reformer".

BTW...what comments did Iraq have when Iran was killing its own people? Was it none? I don't think the Maliki gov't has said anything about Syria either.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"U.S. said pressuring Bahrain on reform: Threatens pullout of Navy's Fifth Fleet"

Iraqi Mojo said...

'The US Secretary of State has said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has "lost legitimacy", amid diplomatic tension between the two countries.'

David All said...

Thanks, Mojo, for the link to the article about the US threathening to withdraw the Fifth Fleet from Bahrain. Had not seen that story.

It is a bit late, but it is good that a senior American official has finally said that the Assad Family has lost its legitmacy to rule.