Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Christian liquor store owner killed in east Baghdad

"Militants planted a bomb in an eastern Baghdad liquor store on Tuesday, killing the Christian owner and two others, while a TV reporter had his legs blown off by a bomb attached to his car in scattered violence across the city."


Maury said...

Don't forget the three schoolchildren blown up over the weekend. Their father was anti-Al Queda,which made them fair targets to people like Dolly....who can't get over the savagery of Iraq's death penalty....LOL.

Dolly said...

There is no U in Qa'eda moron. Fucking redneck.

Yes, I am actually a fan of the North Korean heredity rule
which says that if a person is an evildoer, you wipe out a couple of generations to the left and right, to ensure the evil is eradicated.
This is what needs to be applied in Iraq. Take the list of people who voted in 2005 and kill another 4 generations up and down.

The death penalty is usually not applied in advanced democracies, which is why I bring it up as another proof of the fakeness of the "democracy" project in Iraq.
Usually the top ranking countries in executions are the likes of Cuba, China. And not Belgium.
So when you have Shi'ite savages hanging 200 people a day, this is not a democracy.

We know the real reason the war in Iraq was started.
Everyone recognizes there is a link between 9/11 and the aggression on Iraq, so let us examine the post-911 slogan "Let's roll."

What does "Let's roll" mean, choose one answer:

a) We are so distressed about the killing of Muhammad al-Sadr at the hands of the Ba3th regime. This injustice against the great cleric makes me want to cry. Let's roll.

b) Some sand niggers want to fuck with the US, which is #1! Let's roll.

It's very obvious what the correct answer is, so quit pretending the war had anything to do with Saddam's internal treatment of his citizens

Maury said...

It's okay to exterminate four generations because someone in the family voted,but NOT okay to put a convicted murderer to death? You're a crackhead Dolly.

I take that back. Even crackheads aren't THAT fucked up in the head. Even a retarded jihadi on crack could do better. You're obviously a Mossad plant trying to tarnish the image of those fine mujahadeen.

David All said...

Breaking News: "Iraq Thwarted 9/11-Style Plot, Officials Claim: Anonymous security sources say plot was not fully planned, but involved flying jets into religious sites" at http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/04/14/world/main6395753.shtml?tag=stack