Thursday, May 21, 2009

As the "resistance" continues...

Innocent Iraqis continue to die. Since 2003 I've heard the claim that the "legitimate" resistance does not target innocent civilians. I'm not sure what we're supposed to call people who kill Americans and Iraqi civilians with the same bomb. There are those who don't mind killing Iraqis while they kill US soldiers, or they will try to justify it by insisting that the Iraqis who died will go to heaven. This has happened many times in the last five years, with the attack on July 13, 2005 being perhaps the best example of the apathy some suicide bombers have for Iraqi kids, considering their primary aim is to kill US soldiers.

LAT: "Three American soldiers on foot patrol were among 25 people killed Thursday in Iraq in a fresh upsurge of violence that brought to 60 the number killed in the last 24 hours, the U.S. military and Iraqi police said.

The Americans were killed in the south Baghdad neighborhood of Dora by a roadside bomb that detonated near their patrol, the military said in a statement. According to Iraqi police, five U.S. soldiers also were wounded.

A dozen Iraqis were reported killed in the blast, in a busy shopping street in a once mostly Christian area known as the Assyrian market, police said. Dora is a former Sunni insurgent stronghold that has been largely pacified with the help of the Awakening Councils, comprising Sunnis who joined up with U.S. forces to fight the insurgency.

...Thursday's attacks came a day after a car bomb exploded at a busy market in the Shula district of northwest Baghdad, killing 35 people and shattering a relative lull in the capital over the last three weeks. April saw a spate of high profile bombings that caused hundreds of civilian casualties, but May had so far been quieter."

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