Friday, February 06, 2009

Targeting Shia in Pakistan

Pakistini Shia have endured attacks by Takfiri for decades. Is this America's fault? Does posting stuff like this make me sectarian? Thanks Molly for the link.

Imambargah blast kills 32 in DG Khan

MULTAN/LAHORE: Up to 32 people were killed when a suspected suicide bombing ripped through a crowd of Shia worshippers outside a DG Khan mosque on Thursday.

Police said the blast targeted dozens of people converging on the Al Hussainia Mosque after dark, shortly before a religious gathering.

Although there was no immediate claim of responsibility, police were swift to blame sectarian extremists following a wave of violence in the country.

“Ninety-nine percent it looks like a suicide attack,” Shaukat Javed, the inspector general of Punjab Police, told AFP. “The explosion occurred just 50 feet short of the mosque. It is a terrorist attack aimed at Shias to create unrest,” he added. “It seems like a suicide blast,” Javed told a TV channel. “If something is planted or hurled, it leaves a crater. There is no crater at the site of the incident.”


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