Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hakim No Longer "Supreme"

In the recent provincial elections, Iraqis have set a good example for their neighbors. Iraqi voters have reduced Hakim's Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq to a 10 percent party (thanks Bruno the Brazilian for that link) south of Baghdad. Sadrists did not do well either, and they are appealing the election results. Maliki's Da3wa and secular parties came out victorious. Perhaps ISCI and Sadrists did not do well because Iraqis have rejected the notion that Islamic clerics can decide what Iraqi women are allowed to wear, or whether Iraqi women should be allowed to hold professional jobs.

This post should not be perceived as an endorsement of Da3wa, but it appears that Iraqis for the most part have rejected a Khomeini style of government, which I believe is a good thing. I am happy that secular candidates have emerged stronger. I am happy that Iraqis have not rewarded sectarian and extremist politicians. Democracy really is a wonderful thing.

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