Thursday, November 29, 2007

Saudi Justice Ministry blames rape victim for being raped

An anonymous commentator noted that the rape victim is Shia. Omar the Uniter (24 Steps to Liberty) would probably think that identifying her sect makes me a "sectarian rat". So be it.

Saudi Arabia: Ministry of Justice should Stop Defamation of Rape Victim
28 Nov 2007 23:29:41 GMT
Source: Human Rights Watch

The Saudi Ministry of Justice should immediately stop publishing statements aimed at damaging the reputation of a young Saudi rape victim who spoke out publicly about her ordeal and her efforts to find justice, Human Rights Watch said today. In response to international outcry over the case, the Ministry of Justice published two statements on its website on November 20 and 24 alleging that the rape victim confessed to engaging in illicit acts and was undressed in a car prior to the rape. The second statement said that "the main reason the crime took place was because the woman and her companion, who exposed her to this heinous crime, did not follow the law [of prohibited privacy]." The Ministry voiced regret that the media provided an "unjustified defense" of the woman. A representative of the ministry also appeared on television blaming her for the attack and strongly hinting that she had engaged in adultery.

"The Ministry of Justice's response to criticism of its unjust verdict has been appalling," said Farida Deif, researcher in the women's rights division of Human Rights Watch. "First, they attempted to silence this young woman and now they're trying to demonize her in the eyes of the Saudi public." continued

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