Monday, November 26, 2007

"Rogue" elements of Shia militias must be destroyed

Updated: This story turned out to be false.

This is absolutely horrid.  Something must be done about these Shia militias that murder Iraqis (and their relatives - I thought only Saddam's regime murdered relatives of political opposition) who criticize them.
BAGHDAD (AFP) — An Iraqi journalist said on Monday gunmen went on a killing spree in his Baghdad home, murdering seven children and four adult relatives in the latest assault on media staff in the war-scarred country.

Dia al-Kawwaz, editor of Internet website Shabeqat Akhbar al-Iraq (Network of Iraqi News), said militiamen sprayed his relatives with bullets after storming into his house on Sunday.

"Four gunmen entered my family house in Shab area. Two of my sisters, their husbands and seven children between five and 10 years old were killed yesterday (Sunday) morning," Kawwaz told AFP on Monday by telephone from Amman.

He accused Shiite militiamen of carrying out the killings, saying they "stormed the house when the family was having breakfast".

"Earlier I was accused of being pro-US and so had to flee to Germany and now I am accused of being a Saddamist," said Kawwaz, a Shiite, who has lived in Germany for the past 20 years.

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